Jack Soo Net Worth

Jack Soo is an internationally recognized celebrity who has achieved success through hard work.

Soo was best known for his role as Detective Nick Yemana on the television show Barney Miller. Born Goro Suzuki and raised in Oakland, California – Soo succumbed to esophageal cancer at just 61.

Early Life and Education

Jack Soo was an esteemed American actor and soundtrack artist best known for his portrayal of wise-cracking detective Nick Yemana on the 1970s sitcom Barney Miller. Unfortunately, in 1979 due to esophageal cancer he passed away.

Goro Suzuki was born and raised in Oakland, California before being detained with other Japanese Americans during World War II. Internees recall him fondly as their camp’s favorite entertainer – singing at dances and other special events as part of his incarceration encampment experience.

Soo began his nightclub career under his real name before quickly making an impressionful mark in the Midwest. Here he met and became friends with Danny Arnold (later to produce Barney Miller). At Chin’s Chinese Night Club in Cleveland he officially changed to Soo.

Professional Career

Soo found fame after his imprisonment during World War II when he began entertaining audiences in nightclubs with his quick wit and humorous observations, drawing rave reviews from audiences everywhere. Additionally, Soo sang his heart out.

He made his breakthrough as a Hollywood actor when, in 1958, he was cast as club MC and comedian Frankie Wing in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s groundbreaking Broadway hit Flower Drum Song. For its film version he adopted the stage name Sammy Wong.

Soo has appeared in multiple television series such as Hawaii Five-O and The Odd Couple, in addition to Thoroughly Modern Millie (he appeared as its star). But his best known role was Detective Nick Yemana on Barney Miller until his untimely death from cancer during its fifth season (1979).

Achievement and Honors

Jack Soo is a world-renowned celebrity. He achieved this status through hard work and commitment to bettering lives globally – serving as an inspirational role model to younger people everywhere.

He became best-known for his iconic role of Detective Nick Yemana on ABC sitcom Barney Miller. A brilliant actor, he often subverted stereotypes of Asian Americans while opposing any character that degraded ethnic minorities; truly an American hero!

He was an avid smoker who suffered from esophageal cancer. Ultimately he passed away at age 61 and will be sorely missed by many fans and acquaintances who knew him well. His death is an immense loss for family and friends of this great actor.

Personal Life

Jack Soo was an American singer and actor best known for playing Detective Nick Yemana on Barney Miller. At 105, he succumbed to esophageal cancer.

Goro Suzuki was born aboard a ship traveling from Oakland to Japan in 1917 after his parents wanted their first child born there. Following forced internment during World War II at Topaz Camp, Soo entertained fellow internees by singing and dancing in Topaz camp.

Soo’s life story is explored through an engaging presentation of film and television clips, rare footage and interviews with family, friends, colleagues and his collaborators. His journey from nightclub performer to Broadway star as well as Valentines Day character is highlighted.

Net Worth

Jack Soo is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $5 Million dollars due to his work as a television actor.

Soo was born Goro Suzuki in 1917 and began acting after surviving internment during World War II, playing nightclub comedy acts throughout the Midwest before landing the role of Club Master Frankie Wing in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s groundbreaking Broadway musical Flower Drum Song (1958).

Soo was best known for his portrayal of Detective Nick Yemana on Barney Miller from its fifth season to its sixth. Unfortunately, during this period he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and died shortly thereafter in Los Angeles at age 61; at that time he was married to Jan Zdelar and had three children.

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