Jacking Bolt

How to Torque a Jacking Bolt

Use of jack bolts can speed up machine alignment processes and limit any unnecessary baseplate movements, though they must be properly torqued to avoid vibration issues.

Jack screws are heavy lead screws used for lifting moderately large installed loads using simple mechanical advantages; by combining a long operating handle with fine threaded screw threading to produce high output forces.

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Hold down bolts are an efficient and cost-effective way to help position movable machines during an alignment. Jack bolts should only be used as temporary measures until hold down bolts can be secured firmly with hold down pins – this way less time will be spent chasing back and forth using dead blow hammers! For more information about how these hold down bolts should be utilized please visit the VibrAlign Blog.

Professional Career

Jack bolts are designed to assist in leveling a machine during shaft alignment, saving both time and effort by eliminating unnecessary back and forth chases with pry bars or dead blow hammers. Furthermore, their smooth positioning of motors helps avoid excessive minor moves that might alter vibration readings on monitoring equipment.

Jack bolts feature a square head with an undercut or cupped “business end,” typically constructed of hardened steel to resist mushrooming. When in place, these bolts should either be tightened down using a jam nut, or adjusted until their lightly pinching the shim layer. Once aligned properly, these jack bolts should be backed off; leaving them installed could cause feet to bind together further worsening soft foot issues and warping the frame of your motor.

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Jack bolts (also referred to as jack screws) are long clusters that use tension to hold parts in place, often helping with precision alignments of machines. Jack bolts do not, however, keep machines secure; that responsibility falls to hold down bolts. Jack bolts typically feature a square head and an undercut or cupped “business end”, typically being welded directly to the baseplate of machine feet.

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