Jah Cure Net Worth

Jah Cure, a world-renowned reggae musician renowned for his silky smooth vocals and thoughtful lyricism that touches upon love, spirituality and social equity has amassed 11 sublime albums over his lengthy career.

Born Siccature Alcock, he made his debut with Beres Hammond producing King in This Jungle which catalysed a dramatic rise.

Early Life and Education

Jah Cure launched his career in the late 1990s and quickly won critical and popular acclaim with his smooth vocals and conscious lyrics. He has collaborated with other artists including Beenie Man, Buju Banton and Sizzla.

Cure was arrested in 1998 on charges of rape and gun possession, but maintained his innocence throughout his trial. Following his release from prison in 2007, he continued recording albums and touring.

Jah Cure made international waves with his 2010 single, “Like I See It”, featuring American rapper Rick Ross. Jah Cure is now an international household name and enjoys various revenue streams that keep him prosperous; in addition, his humanitarianism and work for greater good has made him an inspiration to young people worldwide. His fame has made him an idol among them.

Professional Career

Jah Cure (real name Siccature Alcock) is an accomplished reggae artist from Jamaica. He made his first mark on the music industry with a duet between himself and Sizzla entitled King in This Jungle released under beres Hammond’s production and quickly rose through the ranks as his mentor. Many more singles followed, and Jah Cure soon gained immense respect on the scene.

Jah Cure’s musical journey has been one of both triumph and redemption, using his music to denounce violence, challenge poverty, and protest injustice – inspiring young people with his unyielding pursuit of social justice.

He is currently signed to Iyah Cure Productions and has released several albums since. One, entitled True Reflections… A New Beginning was even nominated for a 2016 Grammy Award nomination.

Achievement and Honors

Jah Cure is an internationally acclaimed singer and musician renowned for his hard work and dedication. Starting as early as age 14, performing at local talent shows before quickly rising to fame during the late ’90s with numerous popular songs released under his name.

Cure struggled despite his growing success; in 1998, he was arrested on charges of rape, gun possession and robbery and sentenced to eight years of incarceration; yet he refused to give up his dream.

Siccature Alcock, professionally known by his stage name Jah Cure is an acclaimed Reggae singer from Jamaica with an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million and primary source of income being his singing career.

Personal Life

Jah Cure prefers to keep his personal life private. Although, he has had multiple relationships over time.

His daughter Kailani Belle was born in 2012 and her name translates to “beautiful chief from heavens”.

Siccature Alcock, more popularly known as Jah Cure in Jamaican reggae circles, first rose to fame with the release of King in This Jungle featuring Sizzla Kalonji. Since then he has become a regular on music charts, collaborating with many notable artists as well as charitable efforts. His commitment to social justice has earned him many admirers and praiseworthy recognitions.

Net Worth

Jah Cure is one of Jamaica’s best-known Reggae Singers, boasting a global following. An accomplished human being and academic himself, Jah Cure has done much for humanity’s benefit over his lifetime.

Jah Cure, better known by his musical moniker Siccature Alcock, holds an esteemed place in Jamaican culture as an iconic figure. His velvety vocals and poetic lyrics weave an exquisite tapestry which explores love, spirituality and social equity.

Jah Cure first made waves with the release of his duet with Sizzla called King in this Jungle in 1997, which catapulted him to fame. While in prison he continued recording more music that became beloved among Rastafaris worldwide.

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