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Celebrity Biography – Jan Stevens

Steves is known for promoting local culture and supporting independent hotels across his best-selling guidebooks, TV shows and small group tours. Additionally, he advocates supporting mom-and-pop restaurants and alternative cultural sites over tourist traps.

Jan Steves of Edmonds and Iditarod musher Jan Steves has been helping neighbors and friends affected by recent wildfires in Alaska’s Willow area, which destroyed her home, kennels, and killed one of her lead dogs.

Early Life and Education

Jan Stevens was born in Reading, Pennsylvania to parents who owned a piano import business and when she was 14, the experience transformed her and inspired a lifelong passion for travel.

She is a frequent public speaker and tireless advocate for traveler rights. She has written books, radio programs and newspaper columns about travel. Additionally, she is an Alaska musher who has participated in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Steves is also a passionate proponent for reform of marijuana laws in the US. She has openly admitted her use of it, believing it should be made accessible for people in need.

Professional Career

Steves launched Europe Through the Back Door (ETBD) travel business in 1978. To supplement his income he began teaching travel classes through The Experimental College at University of Washington for extra income.

His first book was a compilation of notes from his summer travels that served as a guide on how to visit Europe affordably. The initial edition was printed using a rented typewriter with whiteout used for corrections; later used as seating during piano recitals.

Steves first gained attention through public television broadcasts of his video tapes that became immensely popular. Over time, his videos became the primary funder and spokesperson for Initiative 502, the Washington state ballot initiative to legalize recreational use of marijuana that passed in 2012.

Achievement and Honors

Public Speaker, Steves is an acclaimed public speaker who has conducted seminars across the U.S. on subjects like European history and Martin Luther. Additionally, Steves promotes Liberation theology – which stresses social justice issues over religious differences – within churches. Steves has published multiple books and produced numerous television programs at his Back Door Productions Studio in Edmonds.

Steves is a member of Edmonds Rotary Club and regularly speaks at civic events. In May, he served as keynote speaker at an Edmonds/Sno-Isle Unit joint luncheon and is an advocate for domestic violence victims. Furthermore, Steves can often be found attending Lutheran religious services as a guest speaker – something for which he received numerous accolades, including Communicator of the Year recognition from Public Relations Society of America.

Personal Life

He is an active member of the Lutheran Church and an advocate of Liberation Theology, while also supporting Democratic Party policies and being an avid admirer of Martin Luther King, living in Lynnwood, Washington with his family.

Beginning his career by teaching travel classes at The Experimental College and acting as a tour guide during summers. In 1979 he released Europe Through the Back Door as his first book and went on to establish both a travel center and piano studio.

He hosted a weekly public radio program and has written many guidebooks and newspaper columns. Additionally, Back Door Productions in Edmonds WA produced television shows for PBS as one of their pledge drive hosts; their company continues to operate today as one of their successful pledge drive hosts on public television.

Net Worth

Jan Steves is an iconic multi-talented celebrity who has amassed an enormous fortune through his work as an author, television show host and philanthropist who helps support homeless communities. Additionally, Steves raised his voice to support marijuana legalization campaigns as an avid admirer of Martin Luther King.

He is father to Andy Steves and Jackie Steves; previously married to Anne Steves until their divorce in 2010.

He stands at 6 feet and sports brown hair, active across multiple social media platforms and boasting more than 147K Instagram followers alone. In addition, he’s a travel blogger with several YouTube videos dedicated to travel blogging; making him an extremely sought-after personality worldwide.

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