Janice Itson

Janice Itson – A Biography of an American Doctor by Profession

Janice Itson, an exquisite former American boxer with unparalleled skills and talent, left her mark on the sport through a remarkable legacy that spans over decades. Today she works as a doctor in Philadelphia.

She is the former wife of heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield and they had one son together, Elijah who currently plays college football professionally as a running back.

Early Life and Education

Janice Itson has chosen a low-key life, keeping her personal affairs away from media scrutiny. The former doctor does not appear to be involved in any serious relationships and is living a stress-free lifestyle.

Evander Holyfield was famously married to her for an extended period before they parted ways in 1994, though their romance ultimately did not last that long. Soon thereafter they exchanged phone numbers and became close.

They then decided to marry; on 4 October 1996 in Philadelphia. Paulette had already divorced him in 1991 after which time, multiple extramarital affairs ensued and eleven children came from all his marriages; two sons and nine daughters.

Professional Career

Janice Itson is an American doctor by trade and an esteemed name in sports medicine. An active member of her community and involved with numerous charitable activities, she was once married to legendary boxer Evander Holyfield (former husband).

This stunning lady is currently single and living a low-key lifestyle, concentrating on her career. After having experienced several committed relationships that ended in heartbreaking divorces, she now aims to live an enriching life.

She is also the proud mother to six children – two daughters and four sons. Her eldest daughter aspires to professional boxing while her younger one aspires to fashion design and modeling.

Personal Life

Janice Itson is a highly esteemed doctor by profession and was once married to Evander Holyfield – one of the greatest boxers of all time. They married on October 1996 after dating for several years but divorced on July 10, 2000 for unknown reasons; no details regarding their separation have ever been provided publicly.

Janice has not discussed her personal life or spoken about any past relationships that ended in heartbreaking separations with anyone, though they had previously been involved. She currently leads an inconspicuous lifestyle away from media attention and lives a low-key existence.

Holyfield engaged in multiple extramarital affairs during his second marriage with doctor Janice Itson and fathered children with two other women – leading him to pay an enormous sum in child support payments and eventually leading him into divorce three times over time.

Net Worth

Janice Itson, known for her huge fortune and luxurious lifestyle in Philadelphia, amassed it through her successful career and an abundance of hard work.

Formerly, she was married to heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield until their initial marriage ended in 1991 due to his infidelity with Paulette Powen and consequent divorce proceedings. They share one son named Elijah Jedidiah together.

After their separation, Itson became involved with two other relationships and fathered twin children out-of-wedlock with other women. Since remarrying Janice has kept a low profile. Living a quality life with family while making significant money through her career.

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