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Jarrod Schulz Has a Store of His Own

Jarrod Schulz is one of the most beloved stars from Storage Wars and owns his own store known as Now and Then Second Hand Store.

Brandi Passante and him were widely known as the Young Guns of the show, which revolves around auctioning off items found in abandoned California storage facilities.

Early Life and Education

Jarrod was raised in an environment which fostered diversity. His mother Shelly served as both housewife and social worker, creating a home where children who had fled abusive homes could come.

Jarrod believes in always striving to improve and evolve, which led him to partner with Severson Dells Nature Center. He firmly believes that connecting to nature can have positive impacts on mental health and wellness; he loves exploring Rockford’s greenspaces with Pepper – his rescue pup from Severson Dells (if you’ve visited RAD before you may have met this unique shop dog!).

Jarrod has gradually transformed Rockford Art Deli into an eco-conscious business. From using water-based ink for their screen-printed t-shirts to compostable price tags and recycled toilet paper, his team considers every aspect of any item they use and select only those which have an immense positive impact.

Professional Career

Jarrod started out his professional journey working in mortgage and real estate for nine years before an industry collapse left him searching for new career options. Following advice from an aunt to look into storage auctions, his new path has taken off quickly.

Storage Wars, featuring Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz as professional buyers, depicts their journey as they bid on abandoned storage lockers for valuable items to purchase at auction. While Storage Wars has proven lucrative for them financially, it also presents challenges.

One factor causing strain in this married duo’s relationship was working together full time; thus leading to their breakup in 2020 and currently both being single.

Achievement and Honors

Jarrod is an esteemed leader in green wood working and cultural craft exchange. He travels extensively teaching green woodworking techniques and has amassed an international network of instructors and students. Additionally, Jarrod is also a writer having contributed articles on pole lathe turning for various publications.

At dinner, Lily makes an offhand remark about Gordon winning the race, prompting Jarrod to act jealous. Later he informs Lily that he is dating Tracy but she seems unimpressed by this revelation.

Jarrod invites Lily to his shark costume party at a party; however, she passes it off to her brother Damon instead. However, on the following day he apologized and invited Lily out again; after spending an enjoyable night together they reconciled on the bus ride home together and engaged in some brief sexual relations before parting ways for good.

Personal Life

While Jarrod may be best known for his appearances on Storage Wars, in which he and Brandi Passante attend auctions of contents from storage lockers where renters fail to pay their fees, he also holds multiple other business interests: Rush Bar & Grill in Lake Forest California is owned by him and Outlaw Apparel is run under him.

Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job was a spin-off show that premiered in 2014 and followed their daily lives as they struggled to balance both professional and personal commitments. Unfortunately, however, it only lasted one season and they have since parted ways.

Even during his difficult relationship with Brandi, Jarrod remains hardworking at all of his businesses. With a positive outlook and devotion to family and business alike, he serves as an inspiring role model.

Net Worth

Jarrod Schulz is an American reality TV star known for appearing on A&E reality show Storage Wars. He currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million which was acquired through appearing in this reality TV show as well as from other ventures he runs, such as his restaurant Rush Bar & Grill or clothing company Outlaw Apparel.

Starting off his career by working in a carpet cleaning store. Later, he ventured into mortgage business, but it failed him miserably. So his Aunt suggested trying his luck at storage auctions instead.

They appeared together and quickly gained fame for their quick banter and astute bidding abilities; quickly earning themselves the name “The Young Guns” among audiences watching the show.

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