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Tattoo Artist Jason Van Tatenhove

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you might have heard about Jason Van Tatenhove. He is a former spokesman for the Oath Keepers, a militia group that is allegedly responsible for a number of armed standoffs in Oregon and Montana. It’s been said that the group received a lot of attention after they were given the go-ahead to take action against rancher Clive Bundy, who had refused to pay federal government fees for grazing his cattle on public land.

Before he joined the Oath Keepers, Jason Van Tatenhove was a normal American citizen. His first encounter with the group occurred when he was covering a story about Bundy Ranch in 2014. There, he met a number of Oath Keepers members and eventually accepted a job from their founder, Stewart Rhodes, writing blog posts.

The Oath Keepers are a controversial, right-wing antigovernment militia organization that reportedly pledges to protect the United States Constitution. Their members have participated in armed standoffs and protests against the government. In January of 2021, their leader, Rhodes, was indicted on seditious conspiracy charges.

Before his stint with Oath Keepers, Van Tatenhove was a spokesman for the Denver Post. While he was with the newspaper, he also wrote a few books and blogs. Previously, he had been an EMT in Search and Rescue in Montana. However, he left the newspaper after a couple of years. This was after he and Rhodes had a dispute. They had agreed that the government should be checked before it took any steps to take creatures.

In July of 2017, Van Tatenhove was appointed to the House Committee on Capitol Riots, which was investigating violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. During the investigation, he had to speak to the committee about the organization and its leader, Rhodes. Since then, he has severing his ties with the group.

Prior to joining the Oath Keepers, Van Tatenhove had a tattoo shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. In 2013, he closed down his shop. After that, he moved to Butte, Montana. Now, he is a local writer and artist.

Besides being an Oath Keepers representative, Van Tatenhove also speaks out against violent extremist groups. His views have been questioned, but he has been supportive of the Supreme Court’s decision in 2015 to allow same-sex marriages. Interestingly, he has never publicly revealed his religious beliefs.

Jason Van Tatenhove is an American who is currently based in Butte, Montana. He has a tattoo on his wrist and shoulder. Although he hasn’t given much detail about his personal life, it appears that he is married and has children.

Despite the fact that he hasn’t shared much information about himself, he is expected to have a net worth of at least nine hundred thousand dollars. Despite that, his tattoos have yet to be explained. Some of them are tattoos that cover half of his face. Other tattoos connect to his neck and shoulders.

Jason Van Tatenhove hasn’t revealed much about his personal life. In fact, he hasn’t even told what his tattoos symbolize.

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