Jazz Jennings Tomi Lahren

I Am Jazz Jennings and Tomi Lahren

It’s no secret that Jazz Jennings is a transgender youth activist and author. Her television show I Am Jazz premieres June 28 at 9pm EST on TLC. You may have seen her in the news a lot lately with her appearance on 20/20 and CNN’s latest political roundtable. Although she may be a star in the making, her life hasn’t been easy. She has endured physical abuse from fans of the Donald as well as family members. However, her parents expect their daughter to take the high road when it comes to handling conflict.

This week, Jazz had a big decision to make. She had to decide whether she was ready for a discussion with conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren. On the surface, it didn’t seem to be a good idea. But Jazz’s parents have spent enough time in the cynical world of television production to know what to expect and what to avoid. After all, if they’re paying to have a child’s life documented, it should be in their best interests to produce a quality product.

What could have been a simple interview turned into a full-blown debate. At times, the discussion was heated and it became hard to see the point of view of either party. As a result, many viewers were left unsatisfied. The show was supposed to be about Jazz, but Tomi Lahren decided to go on the offensive instead of the expected politeness.

While the debate may have ended in a tie, the controversy is still alive and well. One would hope that Jazz will use her new found fame to spread awareness and make the world a more tolerant place. However, if she does not, her daughter may end up getting a raw deal.

There were plenty of other tidbits to be found throughout the interview. For instance, Lahren did not mention the most important fact about her transgender daughter, that she had been born male. Moreover, Lahren has been a staunch supporter of the small government wing of the Republican Party and is more than happy to advocate for a smaller government. In addition, she has been one of the bêtes noires when it comes to defending her daughter’s honor, especially when it comes to dealing with transgender sex.

In the end, she made the right decision. While the show was not a complete flop, it is hard to recommend the show to any potential viewers, especially if they have a child who is in the throes of deciding what they want to do with their lives. However, the show’s most impressive feature is that the interview has given Jazz a platform to educate the public on issues like gender identity and transgender rights.

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