Jeff Palazzo

Jeff Palazzo creates emotive photographs that recall works by classic painters while drawing inspiration from still-life traditions in Italian baroque paintings. His photos can be found in many notable American and International collections.

Two new Coast Guard fast response cutters will be named in honor of Vincent Danz and Jeffrey Palazzo, two firefighter/reservists killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A ceremony to do this took place Tuesday in Battery Park.

Early Life and Education

Jeff Paluta is an artist whose works explore the fleeting nature of consumer culture. Based in New York City, his artwork can be found in multiple public collections; additionally he manages his own community supported agriculture farm (CSA).

Palazzo was an avid hunter and angler from Brooklyn who also took pleasure in boating and hunting. He married a Staten Island woman and had two children; additionally, he enjoyed disco music.

Palazzo served as a Coast Guard Reservist from 1989-1993 and participated in many high-profile rescue missions, such as saving those on board a charter boat off Rockaways which capsized in winter 1989, and the search and discovery of Golden Venture, carrying Chinese immigrants when it ran aground in Queens in June 1993 – Chief Leonard applauded Palazzo’s courage and dedication during an official ceremony held for its recovery.

Professional Career

Palazzo also served with Rescue 5 of the New York Fire Department as well as being a US Coast Guard Reserve machinery technician, taking great pride in his work and rising to any challenge involved in rescue operations. When he set his mind to something, he never failed.

At EvergreenHealth, he played an essential role in reducing hospital readmission rates and earning quality/patient safety awards from organizations like Healthgrades and Leapfrog. Additionally, he held multiple leadership roles including serving as managing physician of Internal Medicine hospitalist service and IT Medical Director of Inpatient Services.

He describes himself as a self-described “man of leisure”, with hobbies including hunting, fishing, skiing and fixing things around the house. Many have called him a real-life version of Tim Allen.

Achievement and Honors

Palazzo has not only led an impressive professional career but has also contributed his time and efforts towards various charitable efforts in Denver. He currently sits on various boards and committees for Denver organizations like Downtown Denver Partnership, We Don’t Waste and Crested Butte Land Trust as well as co-owning some of Denver’s acclaimed restaurants like Rioja and LoHi SteakBar.

On September 11th 2001, Palazzo was serving with New York City Fire Department’s Rescue 5 unit on Staten Island when the World Trade Center was attacked and also as a Coast Guard reservist.

The USCG recently unveiled two “Sentinel”-Class Fast Response Cutters named in his honor and that of fellow FDNY firefighter Vincent Danz who perished during the attack. These cutters will carry on their legacy of service as they conduct ports, waterways, coastal security; fishery patrols; search and rescue missions as well as search and recovery missions.

Personal Life

Before joining the FDNY, Firefighter Palazzo worked as a Coast Guard machinery technician with Rescue 5 in Staten Island. He responded to numerous high-profile incidents and large-scale emergencies including saving 17 passengers aboard a charter boat that capsized in stormy seas off Rockaways during 1989 winter storms.

He enjoyed hunting, skiing, scuba diving and fishing as well as working on his home in New Dorp, Staten Island. Additionally he enjoyed traveling with Lisa, their daughters Nicole and Samantha.

Jeff Bark’s monumental photographs explore humanity and collective experiences in ways that recall one of history’s great painters, Jacques-Louis David. Additionally, his still life imagery remains faithful to Italian baroque still life traditions while elevating unapologetic kitsch into high art, employing subjects far less mundane than Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans as subjects for study.

Net Worth

Real estate tycoon Jeff Greene rose through the ranks by diligently saving and investing his pennies, following his mother’s advice and always looking for value. Greene was determined to achieve success. Using his mother’s words “Save your pennies and look for value”, Greene worked hard while investing carefully.

During the housing crisis, he invested in credit default swaps that rose as subprime mortgages declined – an opportune trade that yielded him a quick $800 million profit and propelled him onto The Forbes 400 list.

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