Jennifer Benjamin

Jennifer Benjamin Has Passed Away

Jennifer Benjamin, featured as a pet columnist in 32963’s Pet News section last week, passed away last week after battling type 1 diabetes for several years. She leaves behind both parents; Bonzo (her beloved pup); aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews as her survivors.

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Early Life and Education

Benjamin held faith at the core of his being. He deeply believed in Jesus’s redemptive power and joined Columbia Baptist Church as a young professional. Along his spiritual journey he met two influential mentors – Dr. K Bruce Miller and Jim Baucom, whom they treated like their sons; these men provided important advice as he worked to become healthy, vibrant man. Benjamin would regularly lead discussions among adults after Sunday services about sermon connections he’d heard that day.

He valued quality time and acts of service. He enjoyed hiking, mountain biking, adventure racing, gardening, playing games and drinking craft beer – activities which brought great joy into his marriage with Jennifer; both loved each other unconditionally as did their three children whom they deeply cherished.

Professional Career

She is a certified mental health counselor and clinical fidelity specialist with diverse training and clinical expertise in several areas, holding both an Industrial/Organizational Psychology PhD as well as certifications in multiple other subjects.

She possesses a keen interest in leadership, change management and team development – three areas in which she has held several roles within corporate America as well as providing regular guest talks about these subjects.

She is a proud mother to three sons and one daughter, enjoying spending time with both families while being an avid sports fan. Currently she works as a personal lines insurance agent at Foy Insurance-Manchester where her passion lies in helping people protect their assets and loved ones through proper coverage options. When not at work she loves traveling with her husband as well as advocating for a more sustainable world.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin is an influential voice in psychoanalysis, feminist theory, relational studies, and intersubjective recognition theories. She serves as faculty for New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis as well as founding member of Stephen Mitchell Center for Relational Studies – where she serves on its faculty. Benjamin has become well known as an expert on relational psychoanalysis as well as intersubjective recognition theories.

She also boasts an extensive film and television portfolio, appearing briefly as CAPT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s love interest in Top Gun. CDR Tom “Stinger” Jardian and LTJG Nick “Goose” Bradshaw even referenced her name during a scene where Maverick was being disciplined for passing too close to five air control towers.

Her roles include appearing alongside Ben Kingsley in Todd Field’s Little Children (2006) and with Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo in Terry George’s Reservation Road (2007). This weekend she is speaking as commencement speaker at Central State University where her husband Clementa Pinckney, pastor and South Carolina state senator Clementa Pinckney were killed during a mass shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston on June 17, 2015.

Personal Life

Jennifer Benjamin is an accomplished author specializing in women’s health and wellness, as well as a professional insurance agent at Foy Insurance-Manchester. Additionally, she serves as wife, mother and mimi to four grandchildren – she takes great pleasure in finding coverage tailored specifically to them and their families.

She had an extensive network of family and friends around her that included both of her parents; Bonzo, her English springer spaniel who always stood at her side; brothers and sisters as well as nieces, nephews, cousins. Furthermore, Gerald Pierone served as her primary physician at University of Miami as her transplant surgeons provided crucial assistance with treatment plans.

Benjamin was laid to rest with his wife Jennifer in Berryville, Virginia at Cool Spring Natural Cemetery during a ceremony that honored their shared interest in nature and sustainability.

Net Worth

She is an American citizen, currently living in New York City with her husband. Her work pays well and boasts an impressive net worth.

She has an exquisite style and lives in Manhattan. Among her assets are two vintage Rolls Royce Phantom III cars and a Porsche 911 Turbo; she also owns several luxury watches and credit cards.

She has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows as an actress, thanks to her acting skills and stunning beauty. Additionally, she’s an exceptional dancer with a keen sense of fashion – always keeping up with current trends! This site uses cookies; by continuing to browse it you agree to its terms.

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