Jeremy Daniels

Jeremy Daniels

Jeremy Daniels specializes in FLSA, EEOC and other employment litigation matters for employers. With his hands-on approach and emphasis on helping clients improve their processes, reporting and performance.

Officer Aponte observed Daniels run a stop sign, so he turned on his vehicle’s lights and pulled alongside him. Although they gave multiple commands to stay put and stop running away from police officers, Daniels continued running away from them and continued fleeing from officers.

Early Life and Education

Daniels was born in Morristown, Tennessee to parents who both work as truck drivers. Both his mother and father remain his strongest supporters; helping with his schoolwork and band booster meetings whenever necessary.

He has been playing the trumpet since he was young, and finds Memorial High School teachers immensely supportive of his playing. Additionally, he holds positions such as band captain and section leader at Memorial while taking part in University Interscholastic League competitions in addition to marching duties.

He is an active member of Hastings College Jackson Dinsdale Art Center’s (JDAC) board as well as volunteering with Clarke County Mentor Program, Athens REACH Scholarship Advisory Board and is considered well qualified to serve as a federal judge by his American Bar Association membership.

Personal Life

Jeremy Daniels was an enthusiastic Dollywood Insider, taking great pleasure in visiting with his family. He loved country and bluegrass music and served on several boards including UGA Mentor Program Board, Clarke County Community Mentor Program Board and Athens REACH Scholarship Advisory Board.

He enjoyed spending time with his family, particularly his wife Jaime and son Isaiah. He was active in his church, loved cooking homemade meals for himself and others, enjoyed basketball and baseball games (he followed both Dallas Cowboys and Duke Blue Devils), owned a Maltipoo named Little Dolly Parton as his pet and always looked out for his loved ones.

Professional Career

Jeremy Daniels has extensive experience as a professional lawyer in construction litigation and design professional liability defense, with particular expertise in contract, real estate, construction defect claims and intellectual property litigation.

Born and raised in Morristown, Tennessee he still resides there today. A frequent visitor of Dollywood with several family members working there over time he enjoys golfing as a recreational activity and has an affinity for music as an interest.

He holds both a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Florida and Juris Doctorate with high honors from University of Miami School of Law, having been admitted to practice before United States District Court of Northern District Illinois.

Achievement and Honors

Jeremy earned a perfect high school GPA and received a full scholarship to the University of Colorado, in addition to receiving all-Big 12 football team special teams honors as an All-Big 12 special teams player and membership in the Bill McCartney Award program. Furthermore, Jeremy dedicated time tutoring physically and mentally challenged students.

He currently serves as Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Institute, offering counsel and recommendations to the Director on matters such as strategy, organizational development and performance enhancement. In addition, he takes an active role in designing, implementing and overseeing organization-wide processes, projects, reporting and evaluation – working closely with both members of staff as well as external experts – in order to ensure successful management, oversight and the achievement of desired outcomes – such as internal/external organizational evaluations, strategic planning processes, management tools as well as community outreach efforts, public education efforts or policy research projects.

Net Worth

He is religious and dedicated to his family. A veteran who works at a construction company where he earns an excellent salary, as well as having appeared in movies and TV shows for which he charges an acting fee of his own.

Daniels first made an impactful mark on British television with Lark Rise to Candleford, a BBC adaptation of Flora Thompson’s three semi-autobiographical novels about English countryside life. Since then he has gone on to portray various historical figures – most famously German State Secretary Josef Buhler in 2001’s Conspiracy film.

Most recently, Daniels has become known by her nickname of Stormy Daniels following reports that she had an alleged affair with President Donald Trump in 2006. Daniels is an exotic dancer who has appeared in multiple pornographic films.

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