Jerry Douglas Net Worth

Jerry Douglas was a celebrated American actor best known for his portrayal of John Abbott on The Young and the Restless. Additionally, he appeared on other shows such as Mission: Impossible and The Feather and Father Gang.

He passed away peacefully at 88 on November 9, 2021 surrounded by his loved ones.

Early Life and Education

Jerry Douglas was born Gerald Rubenstein in Chelsea, Massachusetts to Jewish immigrant parents and studied economics and law at Brandeis University before leaving both after 8 months to pursue acting roles instead. To support himself financially while taking acting classes nightly while selling insurance by day – which earned him initial encouragement when performing in John Brown’s Body play.

Douglas was featured on numerous television series including The Rockford Files, Crash, Mommie Dearest, Streets of San Francisco and Hunter as a guest star during his acting career. Additionally he made several feature film appearances such as Oliver Stone’s JFK and Avalanche.

Douglas is also an accomplished musician, playing both resonator guitar and lap steel guitar. He has recorded 14 albums as a solo musician or in collaboration with Alison Krauss or Union Station; one such collaboration included jazz music standards compilation album called The Best Is Yet to Come released in 2007.

Professional Career

Jerry Douglas amassed an immense fortune during his distinguished career as a professional musician and actor. Best-known for his iconic portrayal as John Abbott on CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, Jerry also appeared in several other TV shows and movies such as Gunsmoke, Feather & Father Gang and Mission: Impossible.

He appeared at numerous concerts and released 14 solo albums, as well as being an accomplished dobro player collaborating with such artists as Alison Krauss and Union Station.

He married twice, first to Arlene Martel whom he separated with in 1973 and eventually divorced, having had two children together with her. Later he met Kymberly Bankier whom he later married in 1985, having one son together named Hunter.

Achievement and Honors

Jerry Douglas was a Grammy Award-winning musician, guitarist, and record producer who was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts and passed away at age 88 on November 9, 2021.

He was best-known for his longstanding role as John Abbott on the CBS Daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless from March 1982 until 2006, when his character died. Additionally, he appeared in other television programs such as Feather & Father Gang, Mission: Impossible and The Rockford Files.

He earned album credits with artists including David Grisman, Trisha Yearwood, Alison Krauss/Union Station/Bela Fleck/The Earls of Leicester as a session musician; these efforts produced albums such as Fluxology (1979), Fluxedo (1982), Changing Channels in 1987 (a collaboration with Alan Parson’s of Plant Early), and Plant Early (also in 1989).

Personal Life

Douglas amassed over 70 acting credits during his longstanding soap opera acting career and is also an accomplished jazz musician.

His stellar musical skills and contributions have propelled him to enormous wealth and influence within the music industry, becoming an icon for both resonator guitar and lap steel guitar players alike.

Arlene Martel and James Douglas had two children together: Avra Douglas and Jod Douglas. Following their separation in 1973, James decided to marry Kym Douglas (real name: Kymberly Bankier) as his second wife in 1985.

His notable works also include filling in for Alison Krauss on several tours and co-producing and performing on many albums such as O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack and Down From the Mountain. Additionally he performed with Del McCoury Band, Maura O’Connell, The Whites and Steep Canyon Rangers.

Net Worth

Douglas has become well-known for his extraordinary dobro playing abilities and has amassed significant wealth throughout his career. Additionally, he regularly conducts workshops and masterclasses aimed at helping aspiring musicians succeed at their craft.

Furthermore, he has released several albums of his music. Additionally, he has composed music for various artists and produced their songs.

The actor is an avid supporter of sports, particularly basketball, often attending sporting events and concerts he attends; additionally he enjoys watching movies.

Gerald Rubenstein was born November 12th 1932 in Chelsea Massachusetts United States. He attended Brandeis University before enrolling at Boston Law School; however, he left in order to audition for acting gigs instead. A Scorpio by birth and Jewish by family background;

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