Jessie Jack Hooper

Jack is currently studying Government at Hamilton College but also finds great enjoyment writing and working with children. She’s part of the Ultimate Frisbee team and recently returned from studying abroad in Spain for one semester. Additionally, Jack is an ardent cyclist; she will lead this summer’s Pacific Coast Bike Tour!

Early Life and Education

An infant’s experiences from birth or even prenatally can have long-lasting physical, social and emotional ramifications that will follow them throughout their lives. Early childhood education provides a crucial window of opportunity for growth; according to UNESCO early learning is crucial to academic achievement and overall wellness.

jessie_jack is passionate about working with youth – from playing Ultimate Frisbee on her local Ultimate Frisbee team to taking courses like Play as Pedagogy. “I enjoy witnessing their enthusiasm when taught something new!”, she states.

Jessie_jack has taken multiple classes that focus on human development and cognition. She believes that understanding how children’s brains develop is integral to their academic success; Erikson’s psychosocial theory outlines some key developmental stages children must go through before being able to effectively learn new material.

Professional Career

Jack excelled despite her health challenges as an activist and social reformer, notably as president of the Wisconsin League of Women Voters, leading school reform and public health in her community. Additionally, she ran for U.S Senate in 1922 as an advocate for women and children as she advanced social reforms and peace. Nowadays she studies government at Hamilton College while participating in Ultimate Frisbee team; recently returned from studying abroad in Spain for semester; passionate about youth work having recently worked at YMCA summer ecology camp last summer.

Achievement and Honors

Jessie Jack Hooper was born in Winneshiek County, Iowa on November 9, 1865. Throughout her lifetime she was active as a social reformer, suffragist, peace activist, lobbyist, political candidate and lobbyist who helped advance progressive change both locally and nationally.

She belonged to several women’s civic organizations and advocated school reform. Additionally, she raised awareness of war’s destructive power as well as disarmament efforts.

As recognition of her accomplishments, Floyd received honorary membership of the National League of Women Voters as well as an honorary degree from University of Oshkosh. Her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren survive her along with friends and colleagues wishing to pay their respects at Floyd’s Greenlawn Chapel; funeral services will take place later in 2021 and she will be dearly missed by them all.

Personal Life

Jessie is an up-and-coming senior at Hamilton College where she studies Government. An avid ultimate frisbee player and educator of youth, Jessie has spent time as a mentor at local community organizations as well as leading summer ecology camps – this past summer she even traveled to Spain to teach children Spanish!

As well as her professional work, she is an outspoken proponent for women’s rights and workplace equality. She has spoken at various events on this topic – such as at the Women’s History Museum in Washington DC.

Her legacy lives on through her mother, sister and niece. Funeral services will be held this Saturday at 12:30 pm at Floyd’s Greenlawn Chapel; her family would like to thank everyone for their love and support during this difficult time.

Net Worth

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