Jim Thornton Net Worth

Jim Thornton is an American Radio and TV Announcer and Voice Actor best known for his work with KNX 1070, KCBS-TV and following Charlie O’Donnell’s passing as announcer on Wheel of Fortune.

He is married with one child. Preferring to keep details about his personal life private, he would prefer that no specific details about it be disclosed here.

Early Life and Education

Jim Thornton was born April 21st 1965 in Huntington, West Virginia. Upon graduation from Huntington High School he moved to Los Angeles where he started broadcasting the following year. Additionally he holds a degree in Linguistics from Marshall University.

Thornton has been happily married to Susan since many years and shares a son together in Los Angeles, California. Thornton works as an American radio and TV announcer, news anchor, voice actor, and voiceover actor.

Thornton is well known as an accomplished voice actor and can be heard on many projects including video games, movies and television shows. Additionally, he announced on Celebrity Deathmatch and narrated portions of Monsters Inc. He stands at an admirable 6 feet 2 inches.

Professional Career

Thornton enjoys an impressive professional salary as both an announcer and voice actor for radio and TV broadcasts, earning accolades such as Hitman: Blood Money and Mafia II as well as Rugrats, Celebrity Deathmatch and The Price Is Right projects.

He auditioned as Wheel of Fortune announcer following Rod Roddy’s death and was officially confirmed on June 13, 2011 as its new host.

Jim is married to Susan and they share one child, Sam Thornton. In 2009, his son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes; Jim intends to work more with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation moving forward. They reside in Los Angeles together as an extremely devoted family unit.

Achievement and Honors

Jim Thornton is an American radio and television announcer and voice actor best known for his work as the announcer on Wheel of Fortune since 2011 following Charlie O’Donnell’s death. Additionally, he narrated portions of Monsters, Inc. as well as appearing in other films and television shows such as Celebrity Deathmatch II.

Jim is married to Susan and together they share one son, whom was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2009. Jim and Susan are actively involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Though exact figures are unknown, Jim can likely expect to earn a substantial income through his work on Wheel of Fortune and voiceover work such as commercials and film trailers.

Personal Life

At present, Jim Thornton serves as afternoon anchor on Los Angeles all-news radio station KNX 1070 and as announcer for Celebrity Deathmatch and Monsters Inc. Additionally, he attended Huntington High School before going on to earn a degree in linguistics from Marshall University.

Thornton currently lives with his wife and son. Both are content, living together happily in Los Angeles. Thornton’s son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2009, and plans on working more with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in the future.

Radio and TV host Peter Green prefers not to discuss his relationships or past relationships in public. Furthermore, being Christian himself he prefers not to announce this fact publicly.

Net Worth

Jim Thornton has amassed considerable wealth as the host of Wheel of Fortune. Although his exact salary has not yet been made public, one can assume he receives an ample income stream as an ambassador of this iconic show.

He currently resides happily with his wife Susan, also known as Sue, and they share one son together. Since 2009 when his child was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, he has been an ardent supporter of JDRF.

Jim graduated from Huntington High School before enrolling at Marshall University to study linguistics. An American by birth with white ethnicity heritage, standing an average height at 6’0″, Jim is known to enjoy watching football games while also taking an avid interest in photography.

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