Jimmy Fortune Net Worth

Jimmy Fortune was an American country music singer who joined the Statler Brothers for 21 years as their tenor and wrote one of their signature songs – Elizabeth.

On October 10, 1998 he married Nina Fortune, and together they have five children: Grant, Chris, Matthew, Meghann, and Cortney Fortune. His primary source of income comes from singing and performing around North America.

Early Life and Education

Jimmy Fortune is an award-winning American country music singer-songwriter known for his high vocal range known as tenor. He has written many hit songs during his 21 year tenure with the Statler Brothers. Born March 11th 1955, in Williamsburg Virginia – attended Nelson County High School Lovingston Virginia

After Don, Harold, and Phil of the Statler Brothers retired in 2002, Jimmy launched his solo career and toured both America and Canada extensively. He released several albums with his musical group and collaborated with gospel great Bill Gaither on 2015’s Hits and Hymns project.

Jimmy Fortune Jr is currently married to Nina, with whom he shares six children: Cortney, Grant, Matthew, Chris, Jessica, and Jimmy Fortune Jr. As his primary source of income is music-making, this career serves as his source of livelihood.

Professional Career

Jimmy Fortune spends much of his time touring, singing and performing as a country singer, which has brought him immense wealth. Currently married to Nina Fortune with no details available regarding their children; Odie and Dabney Fortune are his parents; their six children include Meghann Fortune, Jessica Fortune Grant Fortune Matthew Fortune Cortney Fortune and Jimmy Fortune Jr.

He possesses an extremely high vocal range known as tenor, having written songs for The Statler Brothers band before beginning work as a solo artist after their retirement. In 2015, he collaborated with Bill Gaither for an album entitled Hits and Hymns; furthermore releasing classic country albums in 2017 and gospel music albums in 2019 under their respective names, respectively.

Achievement and Honors

Jimmy Fortune has garnered many accolades for his singing ability and contribution to country music scene. For 21 years he was part of The Statler Brothers group where he wrote their second number one hit Elizabeth; released various solo albums such as God and Country and Sings the Classics; performed extensively across Canada and United States.

Nina, his long-time sweetheart and wife. Together they have six children; Grant, Matthew, Chris, Meghann, Cortney (his sons), Jessica and Courtney (daughters). Although his children remain private to him as the musician prefers not to make them public figures; In 2012 his youngest child suffered from Spina Bifida.

Personal Life

Jimmy Fortune is an esteemed singer known for his 21-year tenure with The Statler Brothers singing tenor. Additionally, he has found success as a solo performer having released eight albums as such.

He is a Christian who frequently performs gospel music. He has recorded with Gaither Gospel Music Group; his 2015 project Hits and Hymns made the Top 10 country albums list; while 2019’s God and Country was honored with a Dove award.

Jimmy Fortune and Nina have been together for 22 years and share six children: Cortney, Meghann, Matthew, Chris, and Jimmy Fortune Jr. Their wedding anniversary will take place this October 10. While rarely seen together publicly together they always make appearances at his shows.

Net Worth

Jimmy Fortune has amassed immense wealth through his career as a Country Singer. He has performed across both America and abroad; all his upcoming shows are sold-out, which speaks volumes of his popularity.

He sang tenor with The Statler Brothers for 21 years before going solo and starting solo concerts of his own. Audium and Song Garden record labels are among his many ownerships, while he has written songs for other groups like Dailey & Vincent as well.

He is currently married to Nina Fortune and they share six children together; it is unknown whether he had any prior partners; their private lives remain hidden from view. Being such an accomplished musician himself, it will be exciting to witness what his future endeavors bring forth.

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