Jj Watt Tackles Fan At Concert

NFL Player JJ Watt Tackles Fan at Concert

If you’ve watched the video of NFL player JJ Watt tackling a fan during a concert by Zac Brown Band, you probably have a lot of opinions about it. Some fans think that it was an act, while others claim it was scripted. Whatever your opinion is, the incident is going viral, and a lot of people are wondering about it.

The incident took place during the band’s performance in Milwaukee on Sunday. During the set, a male concertgoer rushed onto the stage and started waving his arms. He was dancing near the band members when JJ Watt decided to tackle him. After the tussle, the man threw his hat to the audience and he was quickly escorted off the stage.

According to the Zac Brown Band, the fan was identified as Flody Boatwood. A member of the band later tweeted a picture of the incident, which shows JJ Watt tussling with the fan, escorting him off the stage and hugging him.

Watt is known for breaking NFL records, and has earned many awards and accolades. He’s been named as a three-time Pro Bowl selection, and two-time AP Defensive Player of the Year. In addition, he’s raised $37 million for Houston residents after Hurricane Harvey. As a result, he’s become a bona fide celebrity off the field. This year alone, he’s received more attention than he did in 2011. And now, it appears that he’s getting more recognition on the field.

Watt is a Wisconsin native who plays for the Houston Texans. During his time with the team, he’s been a part of a defense that’s led the NFL in sacks this season. He was also part of a team that won the Super Bowl in 2016. Despite his success on the field, he’s still a big fan of the Zac Brown Band. They’ve called him “special security” for the group.

It’s unknown why he was rushing onto the stage, but the crowd went wild when Watt tackled him. His tackle was also caught on camera, and a video of the incident has since gone viral. Fans are wondering why the man jumped on stage and what he might have been pursuing. However, it seems clear that the tackle was a pre-planned stunt.

Though the incident is now a public matter, it’s likely that the fan won’t be selling his shoes to JJ Watt. Even though the video is obviously staged, the fan seems to be the one in the wrong, and it’s unlikely that he will ever be able to get his hands on any of the defensive end’s shoes.

JJ Watt’s tackle at a Zac Brown Band concert in Milwaukee, Wisc. may seem to be a case of amateur sportsmanship, but it looks like the NFL star is not afraid of the spotlight. He has gained a following on social media, and his reputation is only growing. So, don’t be surprised if you see him on television or in the news again.

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