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Joan Adams was an influential pioneer ranch woman from Gunnison. One of her childhood photos shows her wearing an elegant white lace gown while holding onto her beloved doll.

She took an unwavering stand against the sale of her family ranch and did everything within her power to ensure its continuation, safeguarding both the community and her own family in its entirety.

Early Life and Education

Joan Adams was born in Eugene, Oregon to a Christian family and attended St. Paul Academy and Summit School before enrolling at Macalester College where she discovered her lifelong love of the arts.

She married Walter Mondale and later relocated to Washington, D.C. She studied art at the National Gallery of Art while providing guided tours for visitors.

When Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale were elected President and Vice President respectively in 1976, she transformed the Vice Presidential Mansion into an exhibition space for American art. She organized exhibitions as well as loans from museums and artists across the nation.

Her early life exposed her to the arts through her father, a Presbyterian minister and Macalester chaplain. Later she continued her passion as an arts trustee and advocated for public support of the arts.

Professional Career

Joan Adams enjoyed an exceptional professional career. She achieved widespread acclaim for both her singing and music composition skills. Joan recorded songs in at least six different languages during her life span.

She served as a senior consultant on lean manufacturing and operational excellence initiatives for businesses of all kinds, helping implement sustainable programs to increase quality, customer service and efficiency.

Her pride lay in her dedication to nursing and helping others; she would provide hospice care off-duty as well.

She was an incredible mother to two children and grandmother to four. She loved them with all her heart. Additionally, she was an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ causes as well as an avid reader who delighted others by helping them discover a passion for books.

Achievement and Honors

Joan was known for her passion and dedication to Macalester College art program as one of its trustees from 1986 until 2007. During this time she helped oversee several public art projects on campus such as Markim Hall, Alumni House and Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center – being instrumental in their creation.

Not only was she dedicated to Macalester, she also held positions with the Minnesota Orchestra, Walker Art Center, and National Portrait Gallery – and gave a generous gift of Japanese pottery that is now on display in Markim Hall.

She made invaluable contributions, and will be greatly missed by friends, family, and her many supporters. A celebration will be held soon to remember both her life and work.

Personal Life

Joan Adams was an iconic figure in the art world and known as ‘Joan of Art’ because of her advocacy work on behalf of arts programs within government.

Joan was an enthusiastic traveler who delighted in meeting new people. Throughout her life she lived in many places and made many important friendships along her travels.

She taught for many years at schools in Washington County and Shelby County schools, earning both her Bachelor’s degree in elementary education as well as certification as a Rank II educator.

She was an ardent student who dedicated her life to education, while being highly entertaining with a quick smile and quick wit. Her family and friends will miss her deeply.

Net Worth

She is best-known for her roles in The Man with the Golden Gun and Octopussy; however, she has proven herself an accomplished actress in other films such as Rollerball and Alligator – estimated net worth is estimated to be over $16 Million.

Her career began in 1960 when she moved to London in order to pursue modeling. Her initial appearances included appearing on fashion magazine covers.

Adams moved to New York in 1973 where her acting career flourished. She earned fame during the 80s in roles like Class, Grandview U.S.A and Broadcast News that collectively grossed more than $21.6 million at the box office.

During this period, she also made numerous television appearances. She first gained notice as a frequent guest star on Saturday Night Live where she performed celebrity impersonations sketches; later appearing in My Bodyguard which peaked at $22.5 million on an initial $3 million budget.

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