John Alite Net Worth

John Alite was born in the USA. As he grew up, John idolized mobster icons such as Fat Randy Ruggiano and John A. Gotti Senior as potential role models.

At times, he would act as an enforcer and eventually agreed to testify against the Gambino crime family and John A. Gotti in a failed racketeering trial.

Early Life and Education

John Alite is an impressive Criminal who has managed to make his mark on the industry through hard work and sound decision-making. Through his hard work and commitment, John has had a profound effect on many lives throughout the globe.

Early in his life, Alite developed close ties to the Gambino crime family, idolizing figures such as Fat Randy Ruggiano and John Gotti Senior. He received a baseball scholarship to University of Tampa but left after three years.

In January 2008, Alite entered a secret plea of guilty for two murders, four murder conspiracies, eight shootings, armed home invasions and armed robberies across New York, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He testified for the government against Gambino family enforcer Charles Carneglia and John A. “Junior” Gotti; however his testimony was undermined during jury cross-examination.

Professional Career

He served as an enforcer for the Gambino crime family and John Gotti’s father and son respectively, earning himself one of their top earners and enforcers positions. He is best known for being involved with high-profile crimes such as John Favara’s murder.

Alite eventually decided to turn government informant and testified against several members of the Gambino crime family, including Gotti Jr. This decision cost him dearly financially as it led directly to his demise and eventual jail sentence.

Alite is currently serving time for several criminal activities, such as smuggling fentanyl into New York and attempting to shoot at a police officer. While he does have a daughter, Alite prefers keeping their personal life private and has not spoken about their relationship publicly.

Achievement and Honors

John Alite has achieved much throughout his life. He is an internationally acclaimed criminal justice specialist renowned for his books. John’s achievements have garnered worldwide acclaim and continue to expand his horizons.

John Gotti and the Gambino Crime Family once employed him as an enforcer, but later betrayed them when he testified against his former partners resulting in their arrest and indictment.

Since then, he has completely transformed his life, becoming an author and motivational speaker. Featured in many renowned publications as well as social media channels; his books have even become bestsellers! Additionally, his life path number three signifies creativity and inspiration in life.

Personal Life

Alite enjoys spending his free time working out, playing handball, attending cultural events and traveling as well as spending quality time with his own family – currently comprising two children.

Alite encountered legal trouble throughout his gangster career as an associate for both Sammy Gravano and the Gottis families.

Following violent encounters with the FBI, Alite decided to turn states evidence and testify against his former boss John A “Junior” Gotti in 2008. Due to his cooperation, Alite only served 10 years before being placed on supervised release; his current net worth remains unknown.

Net Worth

John Alite is an esteemed writer and has published multiple books and appeared in some popular films, earning an estimated net worth of approximately $3 Million.

He was born September 30th 1962 in Woodhaven, Queens to Albanian immigrants from Gjirokaster. From an early age he developed strong connections to the Gambino crime family and looked up to Fat Randy Ruggiano and John Gotti Senior as role models.

He was involved in many violent crimes and shooting incidents during his mafioso career, including serving time in prison. In January 2004, after being indicted on federal racketeering charges and fleeing to Brazil for trial for Copacabana gang-related activity in Tampa – he was extradited back and was sentenced to three years’ incarceration.

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