John Bananola

John Bananola, Deputy Sheriff of Pierce County, Was Shot and Killed on October 16, 1995

15 years have passed since Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy John Bananola was tragically shot and killed during a drug raid. It has been an incredibly difficult period for his family ever since.

Brian Eggleston, the man responsible for shooting him, will stand trial again for murder. Prosecutors plan to show that he had planned on committing the act beforehand.

Early Life and Education

On October 16, 1995, John Bananola was serving a search warrant with Tacoma deputies at his home. A 36-year-old father of four who worked for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, Bananola died during a shootout as other deputies entered an unlocked back door to Eggleston’s residence. As he and other deputies entered through this unlocked back door, shooting ensued resulting in bananola’s death. Eggleston was charged with aggravated murder in the first degree as well as assault in the first degree and various drug offenses; ultimately being found guilty on all but one count and serving eight years behind bars for his crimes.

He appeals his convictions on the grounds that the trial court made several errors, such as in instructing the jury and ruling on evidence. Furthermore, he claims the court improperly denied his motion to rescind his sentence for a prior assault conviction and failed to order resentencing for drug charges.

Achievements and Honors

John Bananola served the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department for over eight years, accomplishing many noteworthy accomplishments along the way. He served as first sergeant of South Hill Precinct and also participated in their Cadet program, teaching deputies and civilians alike valuable skillsets.

He was a US Air Force veteran, proud to have served his country. He also made an excellent father, grandfather and step-son; his kind words will be remembered fondly by all who knew him. Survived by his wife, two daughters and stepson, he will be dearly missed by those whom he touched.

Personal Life

John Bananola’s daughter Brooke Bananola-Lamar is among those grieving. She strives to stay busy while also using social media as a way of keeping her father’s memory alive for friends and family.

John Bananola was one of a team of sheriff deputies sent to an East Tacoma house for a drug raid. He was the first member of this strike team to enter through the back door during their search.

He came out of the bedroom and fired several shots, striking John Bananola in both the head and torso. Bananola was pronounced dead at the scene. Brian Eggleston was found guilty of second degree murder, first degree assault, drug charges and sentenced to a total of 46 years in prison for his crimes.

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