John Ciccio

John Ciccio

John Ciccio is the President of Skipta, a premier healthcare professional social network. As an experienced strategic growth leader, he sets an inspiring example with transparency, hard work ethic, data-driven decision making and a Skipta-first mindset.

He was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Adheris Health, a health care analytics and technology company. Now he brings his experience to The S3 Agency where he will be accountable for expanding their presence while nurturing their fearlessly creative vision.

Early Life and Education

John Ciccio is an accomplished healthcare and life sciences professional with 15 years of experience under his belt. Most recently, he served as President at Skipta, a premier social network for verified healthcare professionals.

Early years in a child’s life are crucial for their growth and development, having an immense effect on how they learn throughout their lives. Therefore, what education they receive during these formative years must be highly valued as it shapes how they learn and mature throughout life.

Early childhood education encompasses a diverse range of programs, from part-day nurseries and day nurseries to full-day preschools and kindergartens. These are run under both educational, social welfare and commercial auspices.

Professional Career

John Ciccio is an accomplished entrepreneur and business executive with expertise in healthcare marketing, product development, analytics and commercial operations. Most recently he served as President of Skipta – a premier social network featuring online medical communities for verified healthcare professionals.

Ciccio used data and technology to transform his company from a struggling start-up into an efficient machine. He restructured organizational hierarchy and structure, implemented an employee management plan which reduced costs while increasing overall productivity.

Ciccio, a seasoned strategic growth leader, will be accountable for overseeing the agency’s expanding operations and upholding its unique culture that produces such remarkable results. Furthermore, he’ll collaborate closely with S3 CEO Denise Blasevick and CCO Adam Schnitzler to keep The S3 Agency moving in the right direction.

Achievements and Honors

John Ciccio has achieved many remarkable things throughout his career. His expertise spans analytics, business development, product development and commercial operations. He has worked in a range of industries from healthcare to life sciences.

He recently was appointed President at The S3 Agency, a creative agency that specializes in branding and integrated communications for global brands like BMW of North America and Eight O’Clock Coffee. As President, his responsibilities will include expanding the agency’s footprint while maintaining its unique culture that drives success. He reports directly to Denise Blasevick and Adam Schnitzler – founders of The S3 Agency. Previously, he served as President of Skipta – an online social network for verified healthcare professionals – where he led growth and eventually sold off the company.

Personal Life

John Ciccio is an accomplished leader in the healthcare / life sciences sector. With extensive expertise in business analytics, product development, and commercial operations – John most recently served as President of Skipta, a premier social network of verified healthcare professionals which he helped grow exponentially and ultimately sold.

He enjoys traveling and playing poker in his free time. Additionally, he specializes in internet and mobile marketing, has developed land development businesses, and owns an eight-restaurant restaurant group. Recently named one of Tampa Bay Business & Wealth’s Top 100 People, they recently published an interview with him on their website – to find out more about him, please use the tool below to search their database.

Net Worth

John Ciccio has an estimated net worth of $8 million, which primarily comes from his career as an Actor. He owns or rents a single family home at 155 Middle St, worth $10-149k, where he lives with his wife and cat. On average, John earns $15-24K annually; this amount is expected to increase significantly between 2021-2022.

Ciccio Ingrassia was born on October 5th 1922 in Palermo, Sicily and achieved fame as an actor.

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