John Cottingim

John Cottingim, Founder and CTO of Roots Automation

John Cottingim is the Founder and CTO of Roots Automation. He co-founded the company with Chaz Perera to accelerate technology adoption among insurers. They both serve as inspirational role models for digital workers who automate business processes.

On Thursday, a search warrant was executed at his Shorewood home and he was taken into custody. On Friday morning, however, he was released after posting 10 percent of his $100,000 bail amount.

Early Life and Education

John Cottingim was born in Somers, Ohio on September 11, 1878 to William Randall Cottingim and Susie. They had one child together: Bill; they lived there most of their lives until his passing in 2017 at 97 years old. Survived by his children William Randall (Kristi) Rock of Springboro and Cindy Heidlebaugh of Lexington; grandchildren Emily (Robbie) Cottingim, John Rock, Lindsey Musselwhite and Chelsea Heidlebaugh; as well as several nieces and nephews; additionally John founded The Cottingim Foundation which provides financial aid to students needy.

Achievements and Honors

John Cottingim was a proud military man and served his country admirably. He was an active member of the United States Navy Reserve for many years, ultimately attaining the rank of Captain. Along with his wife Cindy, they were actively involved in their community as well as being active members in their church. John enjoyed playing golf and traveling; ultimately leaving behind his children Bill (Kristi) Rock from Springboro, Ohio and Cindy Heidlebaugh from Lexington, Ohio; grandchildren Emily Cottingim, John Rock, Lindsey Musselwhite and Chelsea Heidlebaugh; great-grandchildren Jacob Benjamin and Zachary Musselwhite also survived him.

Personal Life

John Cottingim was a man of many talents. He served as a lieutenant in the United States Air Force and built an impressive business career, while enjoying travel and golfing whenever possible. Born in Des Moines, Iowa on December 7, 1930, he passed away June 4, 2013 at 86 years old buried at Cave Hill Cemetery near Fort Myers, Florida with his family by his side: Sarah Price; three children Mari (Dan) Larson, Nancy (Lonnie) Price and Patty Klein; as well as 12 grandchildren. On Thursday night arrest was made and spent that evening at Will County Jail where 10 percent of bail had been posted Friday morning.

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