John Cougher

John Cougher

John Cougher is a great American singer-songwriter and musician. He has recorded a lot of great songs and his music influences many artists.

His music is influenced by John Mellencamp and Tom Petty. He has covered several of their songs in his concerts. He also has a passion for agriculture and his songs are dedicated to farmers.

Early Life and Education

John was born on September 16, 1838 in Kansas City, Missouri. His parents were farmers. He grew up on the Great Plains, where he developed an interest in wildlife and the environment.

During the Civil War, he served in the Union army and was awarded a medal for distinguished service. He was a founding member of the Knights of Labor, an early libery party.

Despite advancing age, he continued to participate in Respiratory Physiology and Cough Symposia with enthusiasm until his death in 1997. A tribute to his contribution was the setting up of a John Widdicombe lecture at each of these Symposia. Earlier symposia had also remembered him by inviting reminiscences from Jay Nadel and Giovanni Fontana. His legacy will continue to be remembered at future symposia as well.

Achievements and Honors

John was a distinguished citizen who served in the Union Army for a brief time in the Civil War. He received a commendation for Distinguished Service. He also served on the Board of Trustees for the Kansas City Public Library. He was a founder of the Knights of Labor, an early libery party. He was also a hypnotist and a member of several different churches, including the Methodist Church. He was married to several women and had five children. He died in 1921 and was buried in Kansas City, Missouri. His grave is marked with a carved stone. He was a sixth-generation Kansan.

Personal Life

John Cougher was a fascinating man with many unusual and wacky qualities. One of his most notable qualities was his ability to predict the presence of precious metals in the earth. He was also a hypnotist and had several wives. However, he was probably best known for being one of the founders of The Knights of Labor, an early libery party (see side bar).

He also had a long and distinguished military career, serving in the Civil War during its first year. He was a private in the Emergency Troops, Company F, 15th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania (“Militia of 1862”) and was commended for his Distinguished Service. He enlisted on September 15, 1862, and mustered out on September 28, 1862, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Kansas City, Missouri.

Net Worth

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