John Dohanic

John Dohanic

John Dohanic is the owner of Aquatic Performance Training, a water workout and customized exercise program that utilizes specialized Aqualogix equipment designed to strengthen your body in the stress-free environment of the pool. He customizes routines for a wide range of clients, from active seniors seeking to improve balance, to young athletes striving to make the team.

Professional Career

John Dohanic, a former pro basketball player, is currently a fitness trainer and personal training instructor. He holds certifications in fitness and strength training. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food sciences from Appalachian State University and is a registered dietitian. He recently gave a speech to dietetics students on his professional career and encouraged them to pursue positions in their field.

He is a member of the CBA. He also serves on the Advisory Board for a local teen organization, the North East Youth Foundation. He lives in Edinboro, Michigan. He is married with three children.

Personal Life

During his teenage years, dohanic was a star quarterback for the South Brunswick High School football team. But after his career in sports ended, dohanic turned his attention to acting, which was a dream of his since his early years. He eventually went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance and moved to New York City where he took acting classes and began pursuing his passion for filmmaking.

Despite four shoulder surgeries, dohanic continues to be determined to live a healthy and fit life. He enjoys exercising, playing sports, and watching movies. He also spends a lot of time with friends and family. He is a proud owner of Aquatic Performance Training, a gym that provides a unique aquatic experience for its clients.

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