John Hagan

John Hagan – A Famous Sociologist

John Hagan is an expert in Criminology, Law and Social Psychology. His research explores topics such as cynicism, politics, crimes against humanity and genocide.

He is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Law at Northwestern University. His research is multi-disciplinary, drawing on experts across fields such as war crimes investigations to human rights advocacy.

Early Life and Education

John was born on March 19th, 1822 in Newry, County Down. His father was a woolen draper who became active in local politics.

He was raised with a variety of religious and cultural experiences that formed him into an informed writer with an intense sense of spirituality, which is evident in his works.

He became convinced that subjective experience, intuition and affect are the foundations of religious life. He believed these “right brain” functions could best be fostered through art and liturgy.

After graduating high school, he joined the United States Navy and served aboard several vessels until reaching the rank of Chief Petty Officer. Afterwards, he returned to Stark County, Ohio where he currently serves on the State Board of Education.

Professional Career

John Hagan has extensive trial experience in federal and state courts, representing Fortune 100 companies as well as smaller organizations. He has tried numerous jury and bench trials and handled various domestic and international arbitrations.

His legal career has seen him assist clients in securing significant insurance recoveries in coverage disputes through both litigation and negotiation. He frequently provides advice to policyholders in the manufacturing and utility industries regarding insurance coverage matters.

He has served on the Ohio Board of Education since 2018. His primary objectives for his new term are to help the board refocus on student academics and move away from culture wars over racism and gender identity that have taken up much of its time.

Achievements and Honors

Hagan is a renowned researcher renowned for his contributions to Criminology, Social Psychology and Juvenile Delinquency research. He has authored multiple books on criminal justice issues as well as developmental psychology topics.

He has earned several accolades for his career, such as membership in the National Academy of Sciences and a Guggenheim Fellowship. His research with an esteemed network of scholars covers topics such as war crimes, human rights, and legal profession.

Hagan is currently employed as a professor of criminology and law at Northwestern University, as well as serving as editor of the Annual Review of Law and Social Science–a journal he co-founded.

Personal Life

John Hagan is a renowned sociologist. A member of the American Society of Criminology, he has received numerous accolades for his work.

He is the author of several books, such as Justice in the Balkans: Prosecuting War Crimes at The Hague Tribunal and Northern Passage: American Vietnam War Resisters in Canada.

His personal life consists of a wife and four children. Additionally, he has numerous friends and colleagues.

He has a keen interest in Ireland’s history and has published numerous articles and poems related to it. Additionally, his book entitled The Spirit of the Nation (1843) was published. Furthermore, he traveled throughout Ireland with friends Denis Florence MacCarthy and Charles Gavan Duffy, exploring places of interest along the way.

Net Worth

John Hagan is a renowned Sociologist with an estimated net worth of $1-5 Million. This wealth was amassed through his career as a Sociologist.

He was born on February 15, 1946 in the United States of America.

Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & other online sources indicate he is an accomplished Sociologist with an estimated net worth of between $2-6 Million.

He prefers not to share details of his personal and love life. However, we can assume that he is married or in a relationship with someone.

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