John Hagner

John Hagner, a Veteran of the USS Philippine Sea (CV-47)

John Hagner is a Partner at Clarity Campaign Labs and has extensive experience working with some of progressive politics’ best clients. He served as national field director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and director of targeting at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

He enjoys painting in his spare time and has a knack for drawing people. His most recent works include paintings that capture the beauty of Antarctica.

Early Life and Education

John Hagner was born in Baltimore, Maryland and joined the Navy in 1945. He served aboard USS Philippine Sea (CV-47).

Following his honorable discharge, he married Eleanore Alther and they relocated to Ellicott City, Maryland. To hone his artistic skills after leaving the navy, he attended the Maryland Institute of Art.

After his studies were complete, his only remaining ambition in life was to become a stuntman.

At 14, he began collecting articles, clippings, stills, photos and artifacts related to stunt professionals and their members. Over time he built what is believed to be the largest collection of its kind worldwide!

Professional Career

John Hagner, then 14 years old and living in Baltimore, Maryland, was inspired to pursue a career as a stuntman after jumping out of his third-story window. That dream became reality when he joined the Navy and served aboard USS Philippine Sea (CV-47), performing entertaining duties for its crew members.

He later attended the Maryland Institute of Art, honing his artistic talent. Additionally, he amassed an extensive library of articles, clippings, stills and photos to document his stunt work and life’s experiences.

After leaving the stunt profession, he took up drawing portraits of famous personalities for motion picture and television studios as well as public relations firms for stars. Now these drawings have been compiled into Limited Edition prints – each signed and numbered – available to buy.

Achievements and Honors

John Hagner, a partner at Womble Bond Dickinson, was honored with being named one of Washingtonian magazine’s top lawyers in 2018. This recognition recognizes his many years of legal service and his illustrious record as a trusted advisor to clients across business and government.

Hagner has earned acclaim for his professional accomplishments and received many prestigious awards over the years, such as being one of only four Army officers to receive an invitation to participate in ASP3 – an elite program designed to develop strategic leaders. Additionally, LTC Hagner has authored multiple journal articles and presented at academic conferences. Most recently, LTC Hagner celebrated his recent promotion to Lieutenant Colonel with CSDI faculty, students, and friends on September 9th.

Personal Life

John Hagner was an energetic individual, who enjoyed many interests. He had a particular affinity for the entertainment industry.

He had a special affinity for movies and serials. He and his friends would often go to the theatre on Saturday afternoons for thrilling matinees.

He eventually decided to pursue his passion in stunt work and started getting jobs as a stuntman. Additionally, he started collecting memorabilia to commemorate his experiences.

He achieved great success as a stuntman for many years, becoming renowned for his daring jumps and fight sequences. Additionally, he amassed an impressive collection of memorabilia from his time working in the industry. Additionally, he was part of both Screen Actors Guild and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Net Worth

Meredith Hagner is a well-known face in the world of television. Her natural talent and charm have earned her fans’ admiration.

Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million. She earns a substantial amount from her movies and commercials.

She boasts an avid social media following, captivating her followers with humorous captions in her Instagram posts.

She is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and the daughter of Ronald Hagner and Karen Hagner. Her ethnicity is mixed (German and Irish), and she has a sister named Kerry.

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