John Hink

John Hink

John Hink is an American lawyer, specializing in Real Estate Acquisition and Development, Commercial Transactions, Zoning and Administrative Law. He is a member of Ryley, Carlock & Applewhite, A Professional Association (Phoenix, Arizona).

He has been practicing law since 1988. He is a member of the State Bar of Arizona.

Early Life and Education

John Hink was born in Selkirk, Manitoba on January 16, 1915. He was the son of Arthur Evett Hinks and Lillian Hope Caney.

In the 1930s, Hinks taught art history at the University of Manitoba and later at the University of Minnesota. His publications included an authoritative catalogue of Greek coins and a museum handbook on Greek and Roman portrait sculpture.

After teaching at the University of Minnesota and the University of Manitoba, he migrated to England where he lectured on classical art. He had a brief return to his native country in 1954 but suffered from another bout of illness and was reassigned to Paris. He died there a week later.

Professional Career

Hinks is a lawyer, specializing in Real Estate Acquisition and Development, Commercial Transactions, Zoning and Administrative Law. He practices at Ryley, Carlock & Applewhite, A Professional Association in Phoenix, Arizona.

He was admitted to the bar in 1988 and is a member of the Arizona State Bar. He has a degree from the University of Arizona and a doctorate from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.

His career is haunted by a series of crimes, beginning with a cab and puppy murder. He later breaks into Lindsay’s law office and kills the dog Lucy calls Chopper, stuffing him in her desk for her to find. He also plants a hair at Dr. Reynolds’ house to implicate someone else. In addition to this, he sends Lindsay a letter threatening her with legal action.

Achievements and Honors

Among the many awards hink has received are the Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Senior Professional and the NASA Glenn Research Center Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal for his work on the first-of-its-kind 2-kilowatt Stirling power conversion system. He has also been named a Space Communication and Navigation Testbed Chief Engineer.

For his contributions in astronomy, he has received numerous accolades including being the author of the first paper to calculate the solar parallax from 1900 to 1909. He also was elected to the Royal Astronomical Society, and his work on surveying led to his appointment as the secretary of the Royal Surveyors’ Association. In addition, he had an extensive career in surveying and cartography. He was also involved in the organization of several astronomical expeditions to see the total solar eclipse in 1919.

Personal Life

Hink is a family man who is devoted to his wife and children. He also has 18 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

In his classes, he encourages students to explore challenging concepts and form their own opinions. He also takes the time to mentor students outside of class.

Hink has been a Concordia history professor since 2012. He teaches courses in Immigration and Constitutional History and is the General Education Coordinator for the History Department.

Net Worth

Despite a long-running feud with investors, hink’s pharmaceutical empire now makes up the bulk of his net worth. Invented cancer treatment Abraxane; shares down 15% in the past 12 months.

Harvard dropout who quit Microsoft in 1975; cofounded Bill Gates’ software company; reinvests money in a private investment vehicle. Remains committed to philanthropic projects: financial tools for the poor, faster development of vaccines, bettering America’s lagging high schools.

Family fled Nazi Germany 1938 and settled in Oklahoma; parents founded oil and gas firm Kaiser-Francis. Today Kaiser produces 12 million barrels of oil and natural gas equivalents a year. Owns 45 million shares of BOK Financial and liquefied natural gas outfit Excelerate Energy; has donated $60 million to fight childhood poverty.

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