John Josendale

John Josendale Is Running For Mayor of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Josendale is the newest addition to the city’s mayoral race. He’s running with Whitney Lanning because he feels the city needs “welcome changes and stability.”

Josendale said one of his first priorities is to improve communication. He also wants to focus on business development and retaining people in the area.

Early Life and Education

John Josendale was born and raised in St. Joseph, Missouri. He currently lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is a lifelong resident of the city and has served in many civic and community organizations. He is running for mayor in 2018. In his campaign, he has listed a number of issues that he will focus on as mayor. These include communication, business development and keeping people in town.

He also focuses on the education of youth in the community. He believes that a well-rounded education is the foundation of a good life. In addition, he wants to continue the Imagine 2040 initiative that has helped foster positive change in the city. He also aims to keep the homeless population in check. This is another area that he believes has been overlooked in the past.

Personal Life

John Josendale is a businessman and a lifelong St. Joseph resident who has announced his candidacy for mayor of the city. He says his business experience will help him tackle the issues that affect the city. He lists infrastructure, public safety, business development and keeping people in town as his top priorities. He said he wants to make city government less partisan and more focused on getting things done.

He recently hosted the Mayor’s Children’s Christmas Party at the Body Sports Complex alongside Santa Claus and the St. Joseph Figure Skating Club. The event was free and included a short program by the figure skating club and a variety of sweet treats. He says he is looking forward to continuing the tradition and hopes it will be something his children look back on with fond memories.

Net Worth

John josendale has a net worth of $60 million. He has been able to earn his money through the WWE and movies. He also gives a lot of money to charity. He has a lot of cars and likes to wear stylish clothes. He is also a big fan of sports and loves to travel to different events that he attends. He owns a 2006 Rolls Royce Phantom as well as two Ferarri 599s. He likes to spend his money on the things that matter to him.

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