John Lochtefeld

John Lochtefeld – Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award

John Lochtefeld is a high school senior who has been elected to receive the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award. He will receive his award pin and certificate from DAR Good Citizen Chairman, Kim Kiner, and Regent, Katherine Love, during the group’s holiday gathering hosted by Winifred and Tom Lom.

Early Life and Education

John Lochtefeld was born in West Virginia on April 11, 1933. He and his family moved to New Jersey when he was nine years old.

He attended Notre Dame University for two summers before being drafted into the Army. He served night shifts and enrolled in art classes during daylight hours.

After serving a year of military service, Lochtefeld and his wife, Judy, married. He served a short period of base life in Hawaii.

After moving to Nantucket in 1969, the Lochtefelds purchased 4 Fair Street and opened a summer studio and gallery. In addition to his etchings, the artist has also produced many watercolors and wood sculptures.

Professional Career

John Lochtefeld had a long and distinguished career in the arts. He has exhibited his works at several commercial galleries and has earned numerous accolades for his paintings, drawings and wood sculptures.

When he moved to Nantucket in 1969, Lochtefeld opened his own studio-gallery at 4 Fair Street and he was an active member of the Nantucket Artists Association. He has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Notre Dame and holds a master’s degree from the University of Hawaii.

A true risk taker, Lochtefeld started Code NYC in 1990 and grew it into a successful business helping architects navigate the city’s arcane building regulations. She also founded two other businesses — a California-based career camp for college students and mid-career professionals, and an artists’ collective near her Nantucket home — and has recently been able to take some of the pressure off herself after selling Code NYC.

Achievements and Honors

John Lochtefeld was a well-rounded student who excelled academically. He also possessed an uncommon charm, which helped him build a successful career as an artist and educator.

He started his career as a professor at Mercyhurst University and later Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York. He received many awards during his tenure, including the Emile Jacque Gold Medal from Notre Dame and the Berwick Award for Watercolor.

After his retirement, he and his wife, Judy, settled on Nantucket. They purchased 4 Fair Street in 1973 and opened a studio and gallery there.

Personal Life

After leaving New York City, Lochtefeld moved to Nantucket and rented a cedar-shingled cottage. She spent her spare time writing a book about dreams, and helping to launch a nonprofit called the University of Dreams that helps young people achieve their goals.

Her father, Tom, a retired banker, says that she was “a very quiet, serious woman.” She was very good at work, and had many friends.

She was also very faithful to her Catholic faith. She went to church regularly with her family and prayed often.

She had an incredibly successful career in the architectural consulting business. Her company, Code NYC, specialized in helping architects navigate New York City’s complicated building regulations.

Net Worth

John Lochtefeld’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. He is a painter, printmaker and sculptor who has been widely recognized for his work. His works are held in private and public collections worldwide. He has also been a professor at Marymount College in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Lochtefeld founded Code Inc., an architectural expediting firm that helped architects understand and comply with New York City building codes, out of her Manhattan bedroom 20 years ago. She eventually sold her share of the business, and later spent time on two other projects: University of Dreams, a career camp for college students and mid-career professionals; and an artists’ collective near her Nantucket home. Her charm, uncommon sense of humor and willingness to help others captivated her many colleagues.

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