John McGeough

John McGeough – A Well-Known Real Estate Broker and Builder

John McGeough is a renowned real estate broker and builder who specializes in high-end residential construction. Additionally, he serves as board member of the Newport YMCA.

He was born in Minnesota to Bernard McGeough and Mary McGeough. With his family, he moved to Illinois with them.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood is a crucial period in a child’s development, particularly their social and emotional skills. They learn the alphabet, shapes and colors, how to count and spell, as well as having their first interactions outside of their families.

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Professional Career

John McGeough is a retired professional soccer player and coach. He currently coaches Waterford United of the Irish league.

He has earned a reputation as an efficient and disciplined coach, yet he never takes himself too seriously. He’s always eager to assist players in improving their game.

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With more than two decades of coaching experience under his belt, he has successfully guided multiple clubs towards victory. He loves the game and relishes the challenge of bringing teams together.

Achievements and Honors

John McGeough’s accomplishments in music, band and the sciences showcase his diverse abilities. He has extensive experience working with gifted and talented students as well as those who struggle tremendously to learn.

His career in education has included teaching at the highest levels and leading major curriculum and grant projects. He is a strong advocate for students with disabilities or learning disorders and believes they should receive equal access to educational opportunities.

McGeough achieved academic excellence during his high school years and was a member of the National Honor Society. Additionally, he received a scholarship to Harvard University.

Personal Life

John was a proud farmer with an intimate connection to his community. He and Edith met at a country school dance in 1956 and soon after started raising their family outside Govan.

He was an avid outdoorsman who loved hunting, fishing and trapping. He treasured spending time with his grandchildren as well as attending sporting events.

He was a kind and gentle soul who never let distance stand between him and his friends and family. For many years, he was proud to be part of the Knights of Columbus organization in Govan, Scotland where he was active in community affairs.

Net Worth

John McGgeough is an accomplished engineer who boasts a net worth of between $1-5 Million. This fortune has been amassed through his successful career in engineering. Currently, he resides with his wife in the United Kingdom.

He is the founder of Newport International, the owner and operator of Jack’s Catch and Pacific Cove seafood brands. He started the company in 1964 and stayed until 2013, when he sold his interest to Sea Pride. Additionally, he has a background in real estate since founding McGeough Lamacchia Realty 2005 with Anthony Lamacchia now owning it. These partners have achieved remarkable success and growth over time; they are looking to pursue new opportunities within commercial and residential development projects going forward.

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