John McLinden

John McLinden

John McLinden is an award-winning real estate developer with over three decades of experience building institutional-grade commercial, residential and hospitality properties throughout the US. Throughout his career, he has developed over $3 billion worth of properties.

He is the founder and managing partner of Hubbard Street Group in Chicago, with a focus on new development and investment activity throughout the city and other major markets.

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Professional Career

John McLinden is a Chicago-based real estate expert and proud owner of Hubbard Street Group, which he co-founded in 2009. His portfolio comprises an impressive $3 billion worth of institutional grade commercial, residential and hotel properties across America. Utilizing his vast expertise in real estate finance and property management, McLinden assists his clients navigate through complex loan processes as well as leasing arrangements. Moreover, his ability to simplify complex ideas makes him highly sought-after by clients across all industry sectors.

McLinden is an enthusiastic cyclist and golfer, as well as enjoying a good book, meal, and some R&R. His attention to detail often leads him to find ways to boost the company’s profitability; one such strategy being cultivating an environment of transparency and communication within the workplace.

Achievements and Honors

McLinden has achieved great success in a variety of high-profile endeavors. These include developing the recombinant Hepatitis A Virus vaccine and creating diagnostics for cardiovascular disease.

He is also credited with developing an award-winning e-learning system used by more than 500 public and private organizations around the world. As part of his philanthropic activities, he has donated money, time, and resources to charitable and community organizations.

He is a member of numerous scientific societies and organizations, such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Society for Microbiology and New York Academy of Sciences. Additionally, he founded and currently chairs a biotechnology company developing vaccines and therapeutics. For his accomplishments he has received numerous awards, making him an esteemed leader in molecular biology and pharmacology fields.

Personal Life

John McLinden is an experienced trial and appellate barrister, having handled cases throughout New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Former partner at Centrum, he launched his own firm, Hubbard Street Group, in 2016. His experience spans both sides of the Chicago apartment market – beginning new projects and selling existing ones.

His recent developments include redeveloping an abandoned Kmart store in Avondale. Additionally, he plans other large-scale real estate ventures across America.

He enjoys road biking, skiing, golfing and hiking in the West. He also cherishes spending time with his wife and friends. Being an avid traveler, he strives to see as much of the world as possible.

Net Worth

John McLinden is an American real estate developer. He owns Hubbard Street Group, a Chicago-based firm that develops commercial and residential projects. To date, McLinden has invested over $3 billion worth of properties nationwide – mostly mixed-use developments. Since launching his own firm in 2012, McLinden has started several new initiatives as well as sold others like Kmart in Avondale and North Side shopping center.

He is not on Instagram, but his Twitter profile does include a woman whom he may be dating. Although there are no photos of them together, his net worth is $700 thousand and it appears that he is still actively working in his profession.

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