John Pelosi

Speaker of the House John Pelosi

During her time as speaker, she secured critical legislative victories to save lives through a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban; protect pregnant workers against discrimination; reform America’s broken immigration system and secure justice for Dreamers; care for veterans exposed to toxic chemicals in the line of duty; and help communities address the opioid crisis.

Early Life and Education

Pelosi is a well-known politician. She was elected as the Speaker of the House in January 2007. Her election was historic, since she was the first female Speaker of the House and the first Italian-American to serve in that position.

Her rise to power was made possible by her fundraising prowess. She was a Democratic Party leader in San Francisco and had an extensive fundraising network.

She was also a strong advocate for social programs and helped pass laws that improved health care, education, and environmental protections. Her support for abortion rights, however, was controversial. She voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 and other similar measures.

Professional Career

House Speaker john pelosi has a long career on the political stage. He has held numerous leadership positions over the years, including serving as a member of the House of Representatives and as a Senate Majority Leader.

He is a successful businessman and has accumulated millions of dollars in wealth from his investments. He also serves as a board member of several companies and is the founder, alongside his wife, of The Paul and Nancy Charitable Foundation.

He has been a strong advocate for human rights and the environment, as well as the health and safety of American citizens. His career is punctuated by numerous legislative achievements and significant policy accomplishments.

Achievements and Honors

A master at the negotiating table, Pelosi engineered key legislative wins for her party in the 114th Congress that reined in Wall Street, expanded health care coverage, fought the opioid epidemic and secured important funding increases. She also pushed for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, student aid reform, national service legislation and hate crimes protections.

In her groundbreaking rise through the ranks of congressional leadership, she set a new standard for women in American politics. She became the first woman to become speaker of the House twice, breaking the “marble ceiling” that had traditionally dominated Congress.

TIME’s national political correspondent Molly Ball draws on exclusive interviews and deep background reporting to tell the full story of this extraordinary woman, from her childhood in Baltimore’s Little Italy to her role as a rising star in Democratic politics. With Pelosi as her central figure, Ball illuminates a political journey that has changed America’s future.

Personal Life

John Pelosi is a businessman and investor who married Nancy D’Alesandro in September 1963. They have five children together and eight grandchildren.

Mr Pelosi owns a venture capital, financial consulting and real estate firm named Financial Leasing Services Inc. He also owns a football team, the Sacramento Mountain Lions.

His wife Nancy Pelosi is a prominent politician who serves as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She is a highly successful fundraiser and has built up a good reputation as a public figure.

Her rise to political prominence was largely due to her ability to unite different factions in the Democratic Party and her steadfast support of liberal causes. But she often drew the ire of her opponents, and her approach to politics sometimes ran counter to conservative beliefs.

Net Worth

Speaker of the House john pelosi is worth at least $171.4 million, according to financial disclosures. However, the exact amount is not known because members of Congress are not required to report specific dollar amounts.

Rather, they are categorized in a range of estimated values for broad categories, such as “between $5 million and $25 million.”

Pelosi’s wealth is mainly the result of her husband’s investments in real estate, venture capital and football teams. He and his wife own a number of commercial properties in California, including a few office buildings in San Francisco.

He also owns a small fortune in stock, with shares in Apple, Facebook, Walt Disney, Comcast, Microsoft, Nvidia and Amazon. He has also invested in a real estate group called Russell Ranch.

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