John Rhyming

John Rhyming

Rhyming is an integral component of poetry. From pop songs to opera, lyricists use rhyme to create symmetry and rhythm in their compositions.

Nursery rhymes can be an invaluable teaching tool, teaching kids important life lessons like staying asleep until bedtime and getting up early. Furthermore, they develop phonemic awareness and boost comprehension and follow through on instructions better.

Early Life and Education

Early relationships between parents and children are crucial for a child’s development. One of the most essential is their relationship with their parents.

A child’s close connection with another individual gives them a sense of identity and self-respect, as well as helping them develop the capacity for creating attachments with others.

In addition to emotional development, cognitive development also takes place during a child’s first two years. This is when they start learning about language, shapes, colors and numbers.

Professional Career

John was most notable as the Vice President of Customer Service for an established telemarketing firm. During this period, he was accountable for supervising 22 call centers throughout the US and leading their successful implementation of ISO certifications and quality control measures. John also created and implemented their new call center training program and compiled a comprehensive operations manual. Furthermore, John made work more pleasant by getting employees involved in community outreach initiatives and introducing an employee assistance program for those needing extra help.

Telemarketers are employed by a number of companies around the globe. Some of the leading names in this space include Instinet, Contact One, AOL and Verizon; with over 1 million employees under its roof. As one of the biggest employers in this space, Instinet strives to offer its customers the highest level of customer service available within the industry.

Personal Life

John Rhyming is an accomplished poet and author. His book The Poetic Scriptures of John: God’s Word in Rhythm and Rhyme draws from several biblical books to create poetry with a consistent rhyme scheme. While some lines seem forced or exaggerated, most are well done. To learn more about this book, click the image below!

Net Worth

John Rhyming is a writer, poet and rapper who has achieved international acclaim. He also has extensive business experience having invested in several successful technology companies such as Dropbox and Coinbase, earning him an estimated net worth of $300 Thousand as of February 2023. John began his music career at an early age and built an audience through social media channels like YouTube; currently based in Boston Massachusetts.

John has penned several children’s books, such as Daddy Poems (published by Boyds Mills Press), Beach Fun: Poems of Surf and Sand, and No Boys Allowed: Poems About Brothers and Sisters. Additionally, John contributed to 125 True Stories of Amazing Pets published by National Geographic Kids.

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