John Schnabel Net Worth

John Schnabel – Net Worth at the Time of His Death

John Schnabel is an actor and entrepreneur who was also a gold miner and a reality TV star. He was featured in the popular Discovery TV series Gold Rush. Before becoming famous as an actor, he was a pilot in World War II and a serious bridge player. His net worth is not publicly available, but it is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

John Schnabel was a bootlegger

John Schnabel was a bootlegger and gold miner in Alaska. In the late 1930s, he moved to the state to escape the authorities in the Lower 48. He later enlisted in the US Air Force and served in the war. After the war, he returned to Alaska and established a small business. He called his venture “Big Nugget Mine.” Over time, the company grew to become a major enterprise. At the time of his death, his net worth was estimated at $5 billion dollars.

John Schnabel was born on February 11, 1920, in Kansas. He was the son of a wheat farmer and an alcoholic. He and his family emigrated to Alaska after the Great Depression. When he was 12 years old, he made his first money as a paper boy. That money was enough to buy a loaf of bread and a block of cheese for his family.

John Schnabel died on March 31, 2019 at Mercy Retirement Home in Oakland. He leaves behind his wife Erma, two daughters Debra and Sandra of Haines, son Roger and David of Pallatino IL, and sisters Mary Kaye and Margaret Lee of the Fort Worth area. He also leaves his nephews Jim Schnabel and Bob Schnabel, who live in Haines.

He was a gold miner

The 96-year-old John Schnabel died peacefully in his sleep on March 18, 2016. Although he had undergone triple bypass heart surgery about 30 years ago, John stayed active until the end. Despite these struggles, his work as a gold miner gave him a lot of financial independence in later years.

John Schnabel was born on February 11, 1920 in Kansas. He grew up on a farm. During the Great Depression, his father moved to Alaska. The two were working on a gold mine. As a child, John helped his grandfather, who was a gold miner.

During the first season of “Gold Rush Alaska,” John Schnabel was approached by the executive producers. His mining operation was featured on the show, which aired in December 2010. It now has its eighth season, which began airing on the Discovery Channel in 2017. The mining operation had been highly successful for some time, and the show’s stars have visited it on several occasions. Schnabel’s mine has become so popular that other mining companies often turn to him for advice and information.

He was a reality tv star

The death of John Schnabel, who was the patriarch of the Schnabel family, is a sad event. The reality star, 96, was a frequent guest on the TV show “Gold Rush” since its premiere. The show features Schnabel’s grandchildren Parker and Payson, who have taken over his mining operation at Big Nugget since their grandfather became increasingly ill. Despite the death of Schnabel, his family is still involved with his mine, which is located near the town of Duncan.

The deceased is survived by his wife, Erma, and five children. John and Erma had been married for over 40 years. Their children included two sons and a daughter. In his later years, John suffered from cancer and underwent triple bypass surgery. He died peacefully in his sleep on March 18, 2016.

A world war veteran, Schnabel’s mining operation has a history of success. In the 2010s, Discovery Channel executives approached the family and pitched an idea for a reality show. The show, “Gold Rush”, starred the Schnabel family and several other families, and was a hit. It ran for nine seasons and 212 episodes.

He was a bootlegger

John Schnabel was born in 1920 in Kansas. As a young boy, he worked as a paper boy. His father emigrated to Alaska during the Great Depression. After high school, he joined the Army Air Corps and served during the war. He then became a gold miner.

John Schnabel’s father was involved in bootlegging alcohol. When he was only 19, he moved to Alaska with his father to provide for the family. He worked hard to earn enough money to go to college. Later, he served in the US Air Force and built his own small business. The company soon grew into a huge enterprise. He later served as a town mayor in Alaska.

John Schnabel was born on February 11, 1920, in Kanas, US. His father was a farmer, and his father became a successful bootlegger during the Great Depression. His father was forced to leave his farm because the Great Depression hit small farmers hard. John Schnabel’s father then went into the illegal trade of bootlegging booze during the 1920s.

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