John Shimonsky

John Shimonsky Was Approved For a $95,000-a-Year Job at East Penn School District

John Shimonsky had been hired for a $95,000-per-year job at East Penn School District before the board learned of his arrest on charges he lied on a credit application and bought a car using false funds. On Monday, however, the district revoked this hiring decision.

A district employee informed him of his arrest, making it impossible to complete the hiring process.

Early Life and Education

John Shimonsky had a deep interest in education when he was young. He believed that learning should begin with a child’s interests, rather than traditional textbooks.

He was an advocate for play as a form of learning. He believed that play creates a state of flow, which allows people to become deeply engaged in their work and learn faster.

Vygotsky was an early innovator in this field and his theories remain relevant today. His theory revolves around the zone of proximal development, which allows students to bridge gaps between what they know and don’t by combining group interactions with scaffolded levels of instruction. This concept is especially essential for children with disabilities who often struggle to learn in environments that don’t accommodate their cognitive needs.

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