John Shinholser

The Story of John Shinholser

John Shinholser of Henrico County, VA had been addicted to drugs and alcohol for over ten years. At age 21, he enlisted in the Marines; but after two years and several setbacks, his colonel came to him with an ultimatum.

He chose rehab and has been sober for 35 years. Now president and co-founder of the McShin Foundation in Virginia, a recovery support program for those struggling with substance abuse disorders such as alcohol or drugs.

Early Life and Education

Early in life, children learn a great deal about themselves and their environment from their parents and caregivers. These individuals instruct them on speaking, walking, feeding themselves, as well as reading and writing.

They also form social relationships and learn how to socialize, while developing their sense of self and morality. That is why early childhood education (ECE) is so crucial for children’s development.

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Professional Career

John Shinholser has owned and managed a successful contracting business for over 30 years, serving as President of the Richmond Chapter of the Painting & Decorating Contractors Association twice. Additionally, John was recognized as an award-winning Original Design Faux Finisher on multiple occasions.

He served as President of SAARA (substance abuse and addiction recovery alliance) of Central Virginia Affiliate and former board member for SAARA of Virginia. Furthermore, he served on the board of Rubicon Inc., Virginia’s most comprehensive substance abuse treatment facility with 230 beds.

In 2004, he left his lucrative painting business and co-founded the McShin Foundation with Carol McDaid – a veteran lobbyist for mental health and drug policy at the federal level. This foundation is founded upon their belief that by providing assistance to individuals or families in recovery, they can better sustain their own journey toward wellness.

Achievements and Honors

Shinholser, president and co-founder of The McShin Foundation, is a Marine Corp veteran who has achieved remarkable success in recovering from addiction. In 2005 he was honored with the prestigious America Honors Recovery Award from the Johnson Institute.

Six individuals nationwide who have been affected by substance use disorder and have given back to their communities to ensure future generations know the possibility and power of recovery. Other honorees include the Caron Foundation’s Outstanding Alumni Award and Virginia’s Office of Substance Abuse Services Award for outstanding contributions in recovery research.

John and Carol founded their recovery organization in 2004 to fill a void in Richmond’s community, which lacked recovery support. Today it is an influential nonprofit full-service Recovery Community Organization (RCO) dedicated to aiding individuals and families facing substance use disorders.

Personal Life

John Shinholser, President of the McShin Foundation and an advocate for substance abuse issues in Richmond, Virginia, has dedicated his life to aiding those struggling with addiction. His personal story has inspired thousands who are dealing with alcohol or drug dependence.

He has been sober and in recovery since August 10, 1982. He and his wife Carol currently reside in Hanover, Virginia.

John and Carol McShin, founders of The McShin Foundation, have dedicated their lives to aiding individuals and families in recovery from substance abuse disorders. Through their non-profit foundation they believe that by aiding others with this journey they can better secure a secure future for themselves.

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