John Shirer

John Shirer

John Shirer is an acclaimed journalist and war correspondent renowned for his book The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, which earned him a 1961 National Book Award.

As a wife and mother, Priscilla Shirer is dedicated to sharing the uncompromising truths of God’s Word. As founder of Going Beyond Ministries, she speaks internationally on this topic.

Early Life and Education

John Shirer was born in Ohio to Peter Shirer and Catherine (nee Walters) Shirer. In 1849 he wed Sarah Jane Stiers and they went on to have five children together.

Throughout his life, he was actively engaged in public affairs. He championed civil rights, organized the renowned Dewey Commission in Mexico, and wrote extensively about education and politics.

He is the author of numerous books, such as Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent, 1934-1941 and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Additionally, he penned numerous essays.

Shirer serves believers from all backgrounds through her ministry, Going Beyond Ministries. Together with her husband Jerry, she and their team are passionate about equipping people with the expository teachings of God’s Word. Shirer has spoken on radio and led Bible studies; plus she’s featured in Kendrick Brothers movies like War Room (2015) and I Can Only Imagine (2017).

Professional Career

Shirer spent World War II working as a radio newsman for CBS, reporting from Berlin and across Europe. His reports on Nazi rise to power and France’s fall were among the earliest transatlantic broadcasts, creating an awareness of Europe among American listeners.

He joined CBS as a correspondent in 1937, and soon after opened its European bureau. Along with Howard Murrow and his “Murrow’s boys,” he played an influential role in the development of broadcast journalism that began to take hold in America during this period.

Shirer was an accomplished author, publishing more than a dozen books about world history including his bestsellers Berlin Diary and The Collapse of the Third Republic.

Achievements and Honors

Shirer has earned a place of honor in the aviation world, leading technical GIS and airport planning / management projects at both large and small airports throughout Western Canada. His accomplishments have been recognized with two Esri Special Achievement in GIS awards, an FAA IDLE level 3 certificate and a bachelor’s degree in Air Transportation Management from Arizona State University. He is an enthusiastic traveler, having collected numerous international airport stamps in his passport. The name of his company, Woolpert, has become a household one in the aviation and airport sectors. This award-winning team of GIS and asset managers excels at finding solutions to even the toughest problems. As a leader in providing high quality data and information solutions to the aviation community, they guarantee that airlines and airports worldwide operate with maximum operational efficiency and safety.

Personal Life

Shirer was a modest man who enjoyed smoking a pipe and listening to Mozart. Yet he led an almost as daring life as John Reed — and wrote a book that changed the course of history.

Shirer’s most acclaimed work, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, has been referenced in scholarly works for more than half a century. It provides an extraordinary study of Nazi Germany that includes historical information as well as his personal impressions from his time spent as radio correspondent in Berlin.

He recorded his personal account of Hitler’s rise to power in the Berlin Diary, which was eventually published. It offers an intriguing look into daily life during Hitler’s Germany and is essential reading for anyone fascinated by the Third Reich.

Net Worth

According to estimates, Shirer’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5 million. His career as a coach and sports star has earned him considerable wealth.

He is now the head coach of the Duke Blue Devils and reportedly earns between $7 million and $10 million annually, according to reports.

He enjoys a loving wife and two adorable children, Noa and Jett. As a family, they are contented and enjoy spending quality time together.

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