John Stutzman

John Stutzman

john stutzman has had a remarkable career as a college wrestling coach. He has taken a program that had been dormant for years and built it into a national powerhouse in a short amount of time.

When he came to Buffalo, Stutzman walked into a program that was in the Dark Ages. He took a mountain-sized chip on his shoulder and started to build a team in his image.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Stutzman carved out a name for himself as a high stakes litigator and a swashbuckling state legislator who is not afraid to speak his mind. He pushed through the state’s most sweeping energy bill in the last few years, including a landmark renewable energy initiative which was hailed as one of the top clean and green programs in the nation by the national solar industry. He was voted one of the state’s best small business advocates by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Using the state’s abundant natural resources as a compass point of reference, he set out to build the future. He did it by introducing the latest and greatest energy efficient technologies, while fostering innovation through an open door policy that encouraged collaboration and transparency.

Achievements and Honors

The University of Buffalo’s Athletic Department honors a select group of UB graduates each year with the Alumni Achievement Award. The award recognizes those who have distinguished themselves by service to the university or community.

Stutzman served as the UB wrestling coach for 10 seasons and the program has made significant progress under his leadership. The Bulls have won 63 dual matches in seven seasons and he earned the MAC Coach of the Year Award following the 2019 campaign.

While the rebuild at UB is not quite complete, Stutzman has transformed a 1-11 team into a 10 win program that produces national qualifiers. He had a mountain-sized chip on his shoulder when he took the job but he used it to motivate his team and set them up for success.

Personal Life

Stutzman was elected to fill the remainder of the term resigned by Mark Souder on November 2, 2010. He has consistently received 90% ratings or above from small business organizations for his support of pro-business legislation.

He was a member of the Indiana State Senate Utilities and Technology Committee. He helped pass alternative energy incentive legislation in Indiana.

A 1998 graduate of UB, Stutzman is the school’s all-time leader in career wins with 95-27. His best season was 1996-97, when he posted a 35-4 record.

A member of the USA Wrestling coaching staff since 2009, he served as the head coach of Team USA at the University World Team Championships in Poland in 2009. He also coached the junior international team at the 2011 Fila Junior World Championships.

Net Worth

Stutzman has an estimated net worth of $50-74K. He lives in Broomfield, CO and is married to Sarah. Their home is located at 9926 Garland Dr. He earns $50-74K per year and they have no children.

His father Johann Jacob Stutzman and his mother Anna Loysa (Regina) Stutzman along with their 4 siblings were all aboard the ship Adventure on their journey to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1727. Their father was not able to pay for their passage so they were bound out as indentured servants and worked for Lutheran and Amish families. They all eventually earned their freedom as Americans. Their journey was a harrowing experience. Despite all of this they are remembered as great men. Their legacy is reflected by the numerous awards and honors they received throughout their lives.

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