John Tomasino

John Tomasino

John Tomasino is a Florida attorney and former public defender. He grew up in Tampa before attending law school at the University of South Florida.

After graduating, he began his career with the Second Judicial Circuit’s Public Defender’s Office (PD) in Gadsden County. Additionally, he volunteered his services to Legal Services of North Florida during his internship and continues doing so as a newly licensed attorney.

Early Life and Education

John Tomasino was raised in the United States. He was born in Florida and received his education at Northwestern University.

He was employed in the construction industry and a member of Tampa Bay Engineering Society. Additionally, he enjoyed participating in sports and camping.

Tomasino was a member of the Rotary Club in Northborough and an active figure in his community. He had many friends, shared a great sense of humor, and showed kindness towards children. Additionally, he held a deep religious belief. Ultimately though, his greatest love was his family which is why he is survived by his wife and three children; also predeceased by both sets of parents.

Professional Career

Tomasino was hired as a Community Site Coordinator in October 2005. She requested and received an increase of $2000 on her salary;

After being promoted to a permanent position, she and her supervisor Mangione received an evaluation from Dr. Joseph Brocavich which assessed her writing ability and analytical skills.

During her evaluation, Serge requested an opportunity to discuss her concerns with her supervisor. She claimed Mangione would disparage her and another Hispanic employee (Tilo), as well as instruct her not to sit in a particular seat during departmental meetings.

She also reported Mangione and Serge often ended their conversations when she entered their offices, as well as that they would reserve seats at departmental meetings for senior members of the department. She believed Mangione’s discrimination to be motivated by racial prejudice against her and Serge, yet did not inform Morton of this fact.

Achievements and Honors

Tomasino is an alumnus of the University of Santo Tomas who has achieved great success in numerous fields. He is renowned for his career in entertainment and contributions to the Filipino community.

He has worked as a Researcher for ABS-CBN’s Showbiz Lingo and has produced multiple television shows. Additionally, he moonlights as Creative Consultant for Star Cinema – ABS-CBN’s film arm.

He is currently the Twenty-First Clerk of Court since statehood was granted in 1845 and was sworn in by Chief Justice Ricky Polston on November 4, 2013.

Personal Life

John Tomasino is a teacher by day, but on Sunday he ran the Toronto Waterfront half marathon. Despite having some light perception, John managed to finish the race within half an hour!

He traversed this course with two guides, each wearing an optical device to guide him along. These individuals were responsible for alerting him to potential hazards such as potholes and encouraging him to drink enough fluids.

Tomasino donned a pair of polarized glasses that enhanced his vision by filtering out sunlight. These are essential for anyone participating in the event, but Tomasino had no plans of letting his eye condition stand in the way of reaching his goals.

Net Worth

John Tomasino is a renowned Filipino TV Actor with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. He ranks among the most popular actors in the Philippines and was born on July 7, 1973. Popularly known as Sweet due to his role as Jon in Arriba!, Tomasino earned himself quite the following.

He is an accomplished entertainer who joined the Star Magic talent development program in 1993. He is best known for his hosting work on Showbiz Central and roles in numerous Philippine movies and television series, including Makapiling Kang Muli and Kahit Konting Pagtingin. He was awarded best comedic actor at two consecutive Box-Office Entertainment Awards ceremonies and holds an alumnus status from University of Santo Tomas.

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