John Torchia

The Life of John Torchia

As a young man, Torchia achieved great success as an elite nordic skier. That sport places an emphasis on process goals over results – an approach which has proven successful for many athletes over time.

Torchia has adopted this mindset when transitioning from skiing to running, and it’s one that has enabled him to win races and reach the podium.

Early Life and Education

Early years in a child’s life are crucial. These are times when they develop social skills, self-worth and perception of the world, as well as cognitive capabilities.

A child’s development is heavily shaped by their relationships with their parents. While parents are the primary educators for their child, outside stimulation and input are also essential for successful growth and learning.

National University’s Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education (BAECE) program is tailored to prepare students for the field with both theory and practical application. Alvarado emphasizes two classes particularly valuable to her students’ success: Play as Pedagogy and Field Experience.

Professional Career

John was an enthusiastic golfer and animal enthusiast with a special affinity for koalas. After leaving Texas with his beloved cats in tow, he ventured off to NYC where he ended his sultry years at an elegant hotel on Park avenue. Before that, they spent much of their time in Texas and Oklahoma City; where John’s parents, siblings, and cousins formed the basis of the former; it is here they settled down for nearly 100 years as a family unit.

Achievements and Honors

John was a proud military veteran with an impressive list of accolades to his name. As part of the US Marine Corps during Battle of Iwo Jima, he was recognized by both United Vietnam Veterans Organization and American Legion for his support for veterans causes.

He had a 44 year career in radio in Philadelphia and Chicago, as well as co-authoring an award-winning book about it. However, his most remarkable accomplishment is the Monteris NeuroBlate system; a medical device that utilizes robotics and laser technology for treating brain tumors. Recently named the most innovative product of the year by Consumer Technology Association study, it also won both 2015 Ernest C. Manning Innovation Principle Award and Governor General’s Award for Innovation in Canada.

Personal Life

John Torchia had a deep-seated commitment to community service. He helped construct Deception Pass Park, volunteered with the VFW, was involved in Anacortes Soroptimist Club and served on many boards of organizations. Furthermore, John was an enthusiastic supporter and volunteer of Anacortes Family Shelter.

He was an incredibly independent man who drove his own car and ran all his errands. He took pride in his accomplishments and felt it was his duty to help others succeed in life. He loved spending time with friends, reading books and cooking delicious meals – just the way he liked them! A truly special man, he will be missed by his wife Doris as well as many friends and relatives; always remembered for his kindness and compassion towards others.

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