John Zoeller

John Zoeller – A Memorable Manufactured Home Executive

John Zoeller has extensive experience in the machinery manufacturing industry and is widely respected for his skills and success in this area.

He serves as President and CEO of Zoeller Company, responsible for ensuring their progress and efficiency. Furthermore, his role includes leading R&D efforts to develop cutting-edge pump models.

Early Life and Education

John Zoeller was born in New Albany, Indiana and achieved international renown as a professional golfer by winning two majors – the 1979 Masters at Augusta National and 1984 U.S. Open at Winged Foot Golf Club.

He earned a degree in engineering from the University of Louisville and spent 10 years with the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District. Additionally, he attended Albany Business College for additional study.

His father, Robert Zoeller, strongly encouraged his son to pursue a career in business and education. He instilled the value of family life and the need to experience life before making career choices.

Professional Career

John Zoeller earned 10 PGA Tour victories and more than $5 million as a professional golfer, earning him numerous accolades including the Bob Jones Award.

Zoeller’s career spanned nearly a decade, from the late 1980s to 2000. He won numerous tournaments such as The Masters and U.S. Open, making him one of the most renowned players on tour.

Zoeller is best remembered for his racist remarks about Tiger Woods during the 1997 Masters. These comments drew widespread condemnation and caused Zoeller’s sponsors to pull out of his deals.

Zoeller’s comment was significant, as he was well behind Woods on Sunday and had no chance of winning. Additionally, it brought up racial and ethnic sensitivities to an all-time high – just as it had in 1997.

Achievements and Honors

John had a lifelong fascination with history, and he loved traveling and visiting places of historical importance. An accomplished local historian, John was often invited as guest speaker at various community events.

He enjoyed traveling extensively and wrote many articles about his experiences. Additionally, he belonged to numerous community organizations and showed great devotion towards his church.

He was a loving husband, father and grandfather who always put his family first. His selfless devotion will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Personal Life

John Zoeller was a dedicated family man, loving his wife and children with all his heart. A hard worker, he always gave everything he had to them. An accomplished builder with an inspiring vision for his work can be seen in all of his projects.

His passion for family, farming, dogs and old cars made him a contented man. Additionally, he enjoyed working with his tools and meeting new people.

Zoeller’s remarks, like those of other public figures whose ethnic insensitivity has recently been highlighted, demonstrate the often tenuous relationship between sports and sponsors. They’re part of an ongoing saga in which professional athletes have become notorious for their lack of sensitivity towards race and ethnic minorities.

Net Worth

John Zoeller is the president and CEO of the Zoeller Company, a family-owned business that manufactures manufactured home communities. As president and CEO, his job requires him to uphold tradition while leading the 75 year old firm into its next phase of growth.

He has achieved this, though not without some obstacles along the way. At 18 years old, he first approached his father Robert Zoeller about a job opportunity; however, his dad advised him to take time out of life to experience life and pursue education before making any commitments for a company.

After his father’s retirement, he was named president and CEO of the company. This responsibility came with great excitement as he worked to shape its future through acquisitions, research & development and physical operations. Over his career, he has seen significant success with this role.

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