John Zygaj

John Zygaj

John Zygaj is a well-known figure in civil engineering and holds an impressive salary at the Department of Energy.

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Early Life and Education

John Zygaj was born in 1924 to Eather (Sass) Zygaj and Esther E Zygaj. Tragically, he passed away in 1962 at the age of 70.

The Zygaj family hails originally from New York but moved to Michigan in 1940, where he attended school as an honors student and earned a degree in nursing from the University of Michigan. For many years he has worked in the medical field and been recognized by Catholic Health System as a Nurse of Distinction; serving on their Board as well as being President of a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving children’s lives in low-income communities as well as setting up a program for women to access health care more easily.

Professional Career

John Zygaj is not only an impressively handsome individual, but he also boasts an illustrious career in business and innovation. As Vice President of Business Development at Brothers of Mercy Campus, his company is responsible for inventing healthcare and educational advancements. With more than three decades of experience under his belt, he has spearheaded many high-level initiatives that aim to enhance students’ quality of life.

Personal Life

John Zygaj’s personal life is filled with achievements and honors. He currently works as vice president for business development at McGuire Group in McLean, Va. Additionally, he holds membership on the National Board for Certification of Health Care Administrators and has earned numerous awards in this industry.

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