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Johns Hopkins College of Wooster Alumni Celebrate Their Achievements

John Baumgartner is making a name for himself in the Lorain community as a Lorain County filmmaker. After joining the board of Workshop Players Theater, he has quickly put his talent to use by producing several short videos about the theater.

This workshop promises to be an engaging and challenging hands-on learning experience for photographers looking to take their work beyond digital platforms. Discover techniques that will enable you to create unique photographic prints that can stand on their own as images, objects or documents.

Early Life and Education

Early development in a child is an integral part of their life. It has the power to shape their social, emotional and physical wellbeing throughout their entire lifespan.

Children’s development between birth and age eight is a period of remarkable brain growth that influences their capacity for learning, behavior and health. That is why UNESCO believes that investing in quality early childhood education programs is one of the most beneficial investments a nation can make as it promotes holistic development, gender equality and social cohesion.

Educators and parents play an essential role in supporting a child’s success at every psychosocial stage of development by offering the support that fosters positive learning experiences throughout their lifetime. A strong school-family partnership can drastically reduce the potential for traumatic experiences that might set young children on an unhealthy path to adulthood.

Professional Career

Career development is the process of honing one’s skills, knowledge and professional potential through tailored instruction and resources. At Johns Hopkins University, it plays an integral role in helping students and staff reach their professional goals.

Johns Hopkins Office of Continuing Education (JCCE) offers an array of classes and workshops for students, staff, and faculty. These programs can help you hone new skills, amplify existing strengths, pursue a new career path or gain a better understanding of our university’s operations.

John’s Workshop’s Professional Modeling Workshop equips students with the necessary skills for modeling, such as runway walking with poise and confidence, prepping for an audition or show, using professional makeup techniques and hairstyling, and creating a polished outer appearance. This is an invaluable course for anyone wanting to advance their career while increasing self-assurance.

Achievements and Honors

The College of Wooster regularly recognizes and rewards its students’ accomplishments and honors, with one notable example being their annual Dewald Student Recognition celebration.

John’s Workshop is an interconnected set of buildings that once housed Portland Woolen Mills and is filled with creative minds of all kinds who produce various products and forms of art. It boasts numerous artists, musicians and companies producing works such as textiles/apparel/ceramics/woodworking/jewelry making.

The Johns Workshop Art and Justice Fellows Program provides upper-level students with rigorous academics, fine arts experience, faculty mentorship and professional arts internships. With a generous stipend, this is an unparalleled chance to collaborate with acclaimed community-based organizations that promote positive social change through visual arts.

Personal Life

One of John’s most renowned accomplishments is his role as director and co-founder of Children’s Media Workshop. Utilizing various media formats, he has created cutting-edge programs that utilize visual learning to boost teaching, self-esteem and essential viewing skills.

He has managed to carve out time for family fun, too. His interests range from kayaking and hiking to mountain biking and spending quality time with his wife and daughters. They enjoy exploring all that San Francisco has to offer – concerts, festivals, museums – as well as traveling to their favorite destinations. Finally they enjoy watching films together!

Net Worth

John Ritter is an actor and comedian best known for his role as Jack Tripper on Three’s Company. He’s also featured in films like Shes Out of My League, Big Eyes, and Listen Up Philip.

Kristen Soltis Anderson is a Republican pollster and writer whose work has been featured in The Daily Beast, Politico, and HuffPost. In 2015 she achieved worldwide renown for her book The Selfie Vote: How Millennials Are Shaping America.

She currently works as a customer service representative III at Ferrotec in Santa Clara, California. With an incredibly close-knit family and successful lifestyle choices for herself and her husband, she strives to lead an enjoyable life.

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