Jonathan Harris Net Worth

Jonathan Harris Net Worth – Actor – Born Jonathan Daniel Charasuchin on November 6, 1914 in the Bronx, New York City

Jonathan Harris Net Worth is an esteemed TV actor. He is best-known for playing Dr. Zachary Smith on Lost in Space. Born November 6, 1914 in Bronx Borough in New York City.

He has voiced characters for shows such as Channel Umptee-3, Uncle Croc’s Block, The Banana Splits and Darkwing Duck.

Early Life and Education

Jonathan Harris Net Worth Is Between $2-5 Million. Jonathan Harris was born November 6, 1914 in the Bronx of New York City to Russian-Jewish immigrants and started working as a stock boy at age 12 to support his family.

He graduated high school and earned a pharmacy degree at Fordham University before shifting his focus to acting, eventually appearing in more than 500 television and film productions during his career.

“Lost in Space” star Jack Kelly was best-known for playing the eccentric Dr. Zachary Smith, but also made notable performances as Bradford Webster from The Third Man TV adaptation and Charles Dickens in Bonanza episode 431. On November 3, 2002 – just days shy of reaching 88 – Kelly died of a blood clot from heart issues related to heart disease.

Professional Career

Jonathan Harris was revered and beloved among sci-fi fans worldwide. Born November 6, 1914 in the Bronx borough of New York City to impoverished Russian-Jewish emigre parents, Harris started out life working as a box boy for pharmacies to supplement his family income. Disliking his given name Charasuchin, he legally changed it to Harris for better identification with himself and other fans.

Harris was an accomplished television actor who made over 500 shows and appearances on the big screen during his 30-year acting career. Additionally, he ventured into voice-over work, lending his distinctive timbre to popular shows like Channel Umpte-3, The Banana Splits, Rainbow Brite and Darkwing Duck for which he could earn additional revenue while expanding his audience reach – this enabled him to increase both income and audience reach during this phase. His acting career spanned 30 years.

Achievement and Honors

Harris first rose to fame through his roles on television series like SeaChange, All Saints and Home and Away, lending his voice for A Bug’s Life film as well.

He went on to appear in many other television shows and films, such as Land of the Giants, Get Smart, McMillan & Wife and Fantasy Island. Harris even provided his voice talent for Channel Umptee-3 The Banana Splits Darkwing Duck and Rainbow Brite animated series!

Harris is also an author and public speaker, writing on topics including online dating, whale hunting, anonymity, mythology and happiness – topics which he frequently writes about and presents on. He regularly attends conferences and universities worldwide and co-created We Feel Fine as part of an experiment measuring emotional temperature using large-scale blog analysis.

Personal Life

Harris was revered by sci-fi fans worldwide as an icon and cult hero. A gifted actor, his career spaned television, film, voice-overs, voice recognition software development.

Jonathan Daniel Harris was born November 6, 1914 in the Bronx Borough of New York City to Sam and Jennie Charasuchin, Russian Jewish immigrants who struggled financially. Jonathan Daniel Harris was second out of three children for both parents.

Harris made his acting debut with a local repertory company and went on to appear in several Broadway plays, before branching out into television as an actor on shows such as The Bill Dana Show and Bradford Webster Show (both short-lived), in addition to being a regular on Lost in Space as Dr. Smith (conniving yet cowardly).

Personal Life

Born Jonathan Daniel Charasuchin in the Bronx, Harris had an expansive and prolific acting career both on television and film. Beginning as a guest actor on Chevrolet Tele-Theatre in 1949, Harris later went on to star in series such as Lights Out, Studio One, Kraft Television Theater, and Zorro.

He was well known for his amusing, hilariously over the top portrayals of foppish villains and also provided voice-over work for shows such as Channel Umptee-3, The Banana Splits, Rainbow Brite and Darkwing Duck.

Personal Life. Harris was married and had one son. In his creative works, Harris has addressed current events while reinforcing pride within the black community. To this end, he founded Harris Philanthropies, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment and 26North; was co-managing partner for both Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils as well as an investor in Joe Gibbs Racing.

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