Joseph Adamo

Joseph Adamo – An Accredited Texas Real Estate Agent

Joseph Adamo was found guilty in 2015 of attempted murder for stabbing his estranged wife Gina 31 times. On appeal, Adamo claimed Judge Debra Young made an error when she declined to hold an insanity hearing at his plea hearing. On Thursday, however, a panel of state Supreme Court justices determined that Adamo’s insanity defense could stand.

Early Life and Education

Joseph Adamo was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1931. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Franklin and Marshall College, his Master of Education degree from Shippensburg University and finally his Doctorate degree from Lehigh University.

He spent 31 years teaching in Albany city schools before turning his full attention to painting full time. His paintings have been showcased at galleries in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Joseph Adamo held an important dual role, serving both professionally and as branch president for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in Dayton, Tennessee. According to Church officials, his responsibilities included overseeing members, conducting sacrament meetings and leading branch activities.

State appellate court issued its ruling Thursday and stated that Adamo should have been permitted to prove that his attorney provided ineffective legal representation before pleading guilty for attempted murder of his wife in 2015. Adamo was eventually found guilty and is currently serving 18 years of his prison term.

Professional Career

Joseph Adamo is an accomplished professional with a broad array of experiences. Most recently he served as Plant Manager at Rubbermaid Commercial Products in Cleveland, Tennessee; additionally, he holds his Real Estate Broker’s license and actively contributes to his local real estate community.

He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and holds a Melchizedek Priesthood, as well as branch president duties that include “watching over and strengthening members, conducting sacrament meetings and directing branch activities”, according to Church officials. Additionally, he owns an iconic BMW i8 coupe as well as amassed an extensive collection of art and music memorabilia; most impressive among which has been his successful court battle against an accused felon that has lasted four years!

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Joseph Adamo has over two decades of real estate experience and specializes in Texas, helping buyers and sellers achieve their home buying, selling or leasing goals.

Joseph prides himself on being an active advocate for his clients, making every effort and detail count in meeting their best interests. His goal is to be trusted advisor and go-to resource for his clients and their families.

John has an extensive background in accounting, finance and business management. He has held key roles at Genco Shipping & Trading as well as Marketel/McCann-Erickson Ltd ad agency; furthermore he founded Yellow Pages Group Canada as well as serving on its Board of Directors and several real estate associations’ Boards of Directors.

Net Worth

Joseph Adamo is the Chief Accounting Officer, Controller and Treasurer for Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd (GNK), with an estimated net worth of $570 thousand. Since 2015 he has made 10 trades of Genco Shipping & Trading stock through Form 4, totalling an estimated value of $62,067. Our insider email alert service notifies users every time Joseph Adamo buys or sells Genco Shipping & Trading shares through this alert; just $0.99 monthly will get you started – try it today by clicking here and get notified whenever Joseph Adamo buys or sells Genco Shipping & Trading stock; all this and more will ensure you never miss an insider trade!

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