Judith Barsi House Address

Judith Barsi House Address

Judith Barsi is an actress and model who was best known for her roles in the movie House of Games and the television series The Family. Her career has been marred by controversy and she has been involved in a number of criminal cases. She has died from a heart attack at the age of 65. She is survived by her husband and son.

Judith Barsi’s career as an actress

Judith Barsi was a promising child actress. She appeared in dozens of commercials and TV shows. She also lent her voice to Ducky in the animated film The Land Before Time. She was discovered at an ice skating rink when she was five years old.

Judith Barsi was born in Los Angeles. Her parents were Hungarian immigrants. After the Soviet occupation of Hungary in 1956, they fled to the United States. The Barsi family bought a three-bedroom house in Canoga Park.

Maria Barsi was known to have a bad temper. She was a heavy drinker. Her father was also an alcoholic. Her father also verbally abused Judith and physically abused her. Judith was terrified to return home due to her father. She was scared that her father would kill her.

When she was five, her mother started preparing her for a career in acting. She was a petite blonde girl who sat on a skating rink. The film crew was captivated by her and invited her to join the commercial.

Judith Barsi starred in a number of TV shows and movies, including Cheers. She also appeared in the miniseries Fatal Vision. Her last acting role was in All Dogs Go to Heaven. She also voiced the character of Anne-Marie, an orphan who can communicate with animals.

Judith Barsi’s criminal record

Judith Barsi is a child actress who started her career in the 1980s. She appeared in films and television shows such as The Land Before Time and Jaws: The Revenge. Her parents are Hungarian immigrants. Her father, Jozsef Barsi, was an alcoholic who became physically and emotionally abusive. The couple had two children from their previous marriage.

The Department of Children’s Services investigated the case. The agency found that Jozsef Barsi had made threats against his daughter, and her mother. He had also threatened to kill his family. The agency said that Barsi’s father was a violent and alcoholic man. He had also been arrested several times for drunk driving.

After the investigation, the Department of Children’s Services closed the case. The county advisory panel said the agency had failed to prevent child abuse. It recommended more funding for social workers. It also said that the agency should develop clear guidelines for closing inquiries. It also recommended that DCS assign more cases to a social worker, so they could keep up with the demands of the department.

A county advisory panel said that the department should not drop an investigation into the threats made by Jozsef Barsi against his daughter. It should instead conduct home visits before closing the case.

Judith Barsi’s death

Judith Barsi’s house address is 22100 Michale Street in Canoga Park, California. It’s a modest suburban ranch style home. It measures 1,663 square feet and has 0.26 acres. The Barsi family moved into the house in 2001.

Before moving into the house, the Barsi family lived on welfare when their father was alcoholic. They were unaware that a murder occurred in their home 13 years earlier.

After the Barsi family moved into the house, the family started to feel a dark presence in the home. They also heard footsteps in the hallway. Judith’s sister, Gaby Barsi, said she felt like she was being watched.

The family had trouble sleeping. They would hear doors opening and shutting mysteriously. They would also hear Jozsef’s gunshot. In addition, they heard Maria Barsi tell neighbors that Jozsef was going to kill them. They also heard Jozsef threaten to burn down the house.

Judith’s mother Maria Barsi filed a police report against her husband Jozsef. She said he threatened her and their daughter to get rid of them. She rented an apartment in the daytime to avoid Jozsef. She would spend days with her daughter. She also said she wanted to maintain the belongings in the house.

Jozsef Barsi threatened to kill Judith and her mother Maria. He also shot Maria Barsi. He shot Judith Barsi and killed her in July of 1988. He then killed himself.

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