Julie Ertz Jersey Youth

Julie Ertz Jersey Youth – Why She’s a Rockstar

Having a Julie Ertz Jersey in the house can make you feel like a rockstar. She has the enviable honour of being the unofficial midfield lynchpin of the Philadelphia Eagles, a club that’s a proud member of the National Football League. Her performance on the field is exemplary, and she’s arguably the best center back in the NFL. Her accomplishments on the pitch are matched by her efforts off the pitch. She’s also an ambassador for the city of brotherly love, a worthy cause in her own right.

She may have been the recipient of the prestigious award, but she is not the only star in the Eagles’ backyard. She and her husband, Zach Ertz, have made a habit of doing good by pledging to feed at least 500,000 hungry Eagles this season. The most memorable of these efforts was the creation of the House of Hope, a safe haven for neighborhood kids in north Philly. This is the type of organization that most of us can only dream of, and it’s a worthy cause. The best part is that they get to do so in a state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art facility. The house is located at One West Penn Plaza, and is a nexus for community, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship in the neighborhood.

Although she’s not as high profile as her husband, Julie Ertz has been quietly making the most of her considerable gifts, and her contributions are awe inspiring.

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