Kangaskhan Best Moveset

Choosing the Best Moveset For Kangaskhan

A Kangaskhan has a base 40 special attack. This attack can also be used to deal damage to opponents. Depending on the situation, you can choose from a Power Up Punch or Earthquake attack. This move is great against the enemy’s most common moveset, but is less effective against some types of attacks.

Mega Kangaskhan’s movepool is amazing, but there is one problem. Double contact can be caused by its parental bond. This effect can only be activated once per attack. However, Mega Kangaskhan is an excellent anti-lead and revenge killing option. You can make your opponent pay if you have the right strategy.

Mud Slap and Earthquake are two of the best moves for Kangaskhan. They both deal great damage and are among the strongest moves in the game. These moves also have a unique hidden status that makes them more effective against certain types. You should consider the EPS and DPS of each moveset to determine which one is best for your Kangaskhan.

Facade is an important move for this Pokemon, because it allows it to benefit from its status. It can also be used against Rock/Ground types such as Earthquake and Rhydon. The other move in the Kangaskhan’s moveset is Circle Throw, which provides utility in phasing out threats. However, it can be susceptible to wear down.

Kangaskhan should not be used to attack in doubles. The reason for this is that their parent is usually near and will attack you. They will attack you if you try to harm their child. Its sprites are also available in many Pokemon games. You might even find unreleased versions of the Kangaskhan or female Kangaskhan.

Mega Kangaskhan’s STAB attack is called Return. This attack is extremely powerful and precise. This move is not like other STAB attacks. The only downside is that it needs to deal with Rock and Steel types walling. Earthquake, meanwhile, deals neutral damage to most rock and steel types and deals obliterating damage to several others. While it can deal with Ghosts, it is not safe from walling.

Kangaskhan’s base combat power is approximately 15,000, making it very difficult to defeat by yourself. It is best to work with other players to defeat Kangaskhan. Macham is the best type of Pokemon to fight this monster. It can do a lot of damage quickly. If you’re looking to catch Kangaskhan, you should use Premiere Blue Pokeballs and add berries to your Pokeball to increase the chances of catching it.

Mega Kangaskhan is a great Pokemon that is capable of being a dominant force. A team of three to five trainers should be able defeat it. Fighting-type Pokemon are the most effective against Kangaskhan, and Ghost-type Pokemon are resisted by Normal-type Pokemon.

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