keith wonderboy johnson net worth

Keith Wonderboy Johnson Net Worth

Keith Wonderboy Johnson is an esteemed American gospel singer known for fusing contemporary and traditional styles into his music. He has released albums on various labels like World Wide Gospel, Blacksmoke Records, Verity Records and Central South Records.

He died in a car accident on 30 September 2022 at 50 years of age, prompting fans to pay their respects via social media.

Early Life and Education

Keith Johnson was born May 17, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York. A gospel singer-songwriter who began his solo career with Through the Storm album release in 1998. Johnson quickly earned the name of Wonderboy at five years old due to his precise and soulful harmonies – hence earning himself the moniker as “Wonderboy”.

Johnson released 14 albums across different record labels during his musical career and won six Stellar Awards and was nominated for two Dove Awards, winning six. His music covered genres such as gospel, Christian Contemporary Music and traditional black gospel.

He was known to his family, having two daughters named Elyse and Brianna. Unfortunately, on 30 September 2022 at 50 years of age his cause of death remains unknown and was survived by his mother as well as two siblings.

Professional Career

Keith Wonderboy Johnson is an acclaimed gospel musician from the United States. He began his career with the release of his album Through the Storm in 1998 and worked with various labels like World Wide Gospel, Blacksmoke Verity and Central South during this time.

His music echoes traditional gospel hymns that express spirituality. Today’s society needs more such songs.

He has been on tour for 45 weeks a year and released 14 albums, garnering numerous prestigious accolades in return. One of the most celebrated quartet stars, his nonstop touring schedule has made him a household name worldwide and made him an important role model to young people worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Keith Lamar Johnson, more commonly known by his stage name Wonderboy, was born May 17, 1972 in Brooklyn and became a prominent gospel artist before his untimely passing September 30th 2022. Surviving him are Elyse and Brianna (his children from a previous relationship); details regarding his divorce remain unknown; while his net worth ranges between $1- $5 Million.

Beginning his musical career in 1998 with the release of Through the Storm published by World Wide Gospel, he then went on to work with labels including Verity, Central South and Blacksmoke before retiring in 2008.

Wonderboy has received various awards and nominations over his career, as well as creating his own record label known as WonderSpirit Productions.

Personal Life

Keith Johnson was well known as an outstanding musician and songwriter in the gospel community, so his sudden passing away on September 30, 2022 left many in mourning. At 50 years old at his death, everyone was left shell-shocked.

Keith Lamar Johnson of Chilly Winds was born May 17th 1972 in Brooklyn and earned the name Wonderboy due to his extraordinary musical skills. Initially a part of Keith Johnson & The Spiritual Voices before transitioning to solo artist status.

He was divorced and had two daughters named Elyse and Brianna whom his family and friends mourn. Social media users have come forward to express their sorrow over his passing; many were touched by his kind and humble spirit.

Net Worth

Keith Wonderboy Johnson was an esteemed gospel musician, singer, and songwriter from the United States. He began his music career with the release of “Through the Storm” under World Wide Gospel in 1998, becoming known for his exceptional voice which earned him the moniker “Wonderboy”. Collaborating with multiple record labels he released fourteen studio albums featuring gospel, Christian Contemporary Music (CCM), traditional black gospel and urban contemporary gospel styles.

Born May 17, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York. Divorced at an estimated net worth between $1 and $5 Million; wealth primarily generated from musical career as well as some brand endorsement income.

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