Kenneth Filarski

Filarski is the founder and principal of FILARSKIARCHITECTURE+PLANNING+RESEARCH, an integrated architecture, planning and ecology design studio and workshop recognized with national, regional and state awards for his integrated designs. Additionally, he holds Fellowship with both AIA and LEED Fellowship organizations.

He serves as co-chair of the AIA Disaster Assistance Committee in its response to natural disasters and pandemics such as COVID-19.

Early Life and Education

Kenneth Filarski was born May 28th 1977 in Cranston Rhode Island to Kenneth Filarski an architect and Elizabeth DelPadre an educator and attorney mother and has an older brother Kenneth Jr. as a practicing attorney brother as well. Kenneth Jr. hails from Poland while Elizabeth DelPadre hails from Italy ancestry.

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Professional Career

Kenneth Filarski is a Rhode Island-based architect who specializes in sustainable and green projects. He holds membership of both the American Institute of Architects and LEED Fellow, while serving on the Rhode Island chapter of US Green Building Council’s LEED ND regionalization task force and winning multiple national awards for planning and design projects.

Filarski/ARCHITECTURE + PLANNING + RESEARCH is an award-winning integrated architecture and ecological design studio and workshop, which has provided residential, commercial and specialized work for elderly and disabled populations. As its founder, FILARSKI/ARCHITECTURE + PLANNING + RESEARCH has won multiple national, regional and state accolades.

Early this year, he made headlines when he filed a 13-page complaint against the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office alleging discrimination, hostility and retaliation from them.

Achievement and Honors

Filarski is the principal of FILARSKI/ARCHITECTURE+PLANNING+RESEARCH, an integrated architecture and planning studio and research workshop specializing in sustainable architecture/planning systems from professional societies and government agencies. His studio has won several national, regional and state awards in architecture/urban/rural planning/ecological systems/sustainable building/ecological systems design.

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Recently, Filarski was honored to receive the LEED Fellow distinction from Green Business Certification Inc. He explained its significance during an interview with Providence Business News.

Personal Life

Kenneth Filarski was born May 28, 1977, in Cranston, Rhode Island to architect Kenneth Filarski and schoolteacher and lawyer Elizabeth DelPadre – her father hails from Poland while her mother hails from Italy – both Polish descendants themselves. Kenneth Jr is her only sibling.

Filarski is the founder and principal of FILARSKI/ARCHITECTURE+PLANNING+RESEARCH, an integrated architecture and planning, ecology design studio and research workshop. Under his guidance, his studio has won national, regional, and state awards in architecture, urban/rural/coastal design, sustainable building/ecological systems design from numerous professional societies and organizations.

He has won multiple awards for planning projects like Federal Hill 21 Affordable Homes, Foster Town Hall and Leon A Mathieu Senior Center in Pawtucket – in addition to receiving the LEED for Neighborhood Development award.

Net Worth

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She holds strong conservative views on social and political issues and currently works for Fox and Friends. Born May 28, 1977 in Cranston, Rhode Island; of Polish and Italian heritage; sister Kenneth Filarski who practices law is her brother;

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