Kermit Olive

Kermit Olive

Kermit Lynch was a wine merchant and entrepreneur who revolutionized how Americans perceive wine. He championed independent family-owned wines with strong focus on terroir as part of an independent movement to promote them.

Rolex Submariner Kermit 126610LV features an intriguing green ceramic bezel and black Maxi dial for an intriguing take on this timeless watch.

Early Life and Education

Kermit Oliver was born September 23rd 1947 in Bennington Oklahoma. Growing up on a farm, his life was profoundly affected by his father’s untimely passing at an early age. Soon thereafter he started painting and soon after established himself as an established artist.

As soon as he began painting, his primary subject matter was animals and plants; later his work has taken on symbolic meaning, often representing religious imagery.

Since 1985, he has created over 10,000 scarf designs – some very intricate with multiple layers of printing required to achieve the final product. Collectors prize his scarves as highly sought-after items.

Kermit Oliver passed away peacefully at home in Waco, Texas, on March 5, 2022. Katie and Kristy survived him.

Professional Career

Kermit Oliver has received much acclaim as an artist over his long and celebrated career, garnering critical acclaim and collector appreciation alike. His paintings reflect his Texas heritage while reflecting his interests in mythology, religion and history – particularly ancient Western philosophy and mysticism. Oliver is well known for combining “contemporary and classical elements”, creating his signature style known as symbolic realism.

Kermit Oliver’s paintings can be found at Hooks-Epstein Galleries in Houston and feature animals, landscapes and figures. Additionally, many of his works can be found in museum collections across Texas as well as prominent institutions like The University of Texas.

Kermit Olive has two daughters, Ally Davis and Claire. Both girls adore attending his basketball matches as well as going on trips with him.

Achievement and Honors

Kermit Olive is an accomplished painter known for his nature- and myth-inspired portraits and landscapes. His works showcase contemporary as well as classical elements to reflect his rural Texas background and reflect both contemporary and classic artistic sensibilities. Furthermore, his expertise lies in agriculture as well as an interest in history.

He has also appeared as a guest star on The Muppet Show, often to Miss Piggy’s chagrin and attempts at karate-chopping him by her. However, each time, he always refused her advances and refused any attempt by Miss Piggy to pursue or seduce him further.

Rolex Submariner watches come in various versions, and collectors commonly refer to reference 16610LV as the Kermit due to its distinctive font and shape. Released before the upgraded case size and movement found on 2020 Flat 4 models of Submariners were introduced, collectors have become highly sought after this model.

Personal Life

Ally, Kermit’s daughter who lives and works in Tennessee as a contractor. Often accompanying him on away trips during basketball season.

Kermit Oliver combines contemporary and classical elements in his art work. He depicts subjects relating to Texas heritage and folklore, mythology, religion, and history – with what has been termed symbolic realism being his style of painting.

Hooks-Epstein Galleries have featured Kermit’s paintings, drawings and hand-colored prints for over three decades at their exhibition space in Hooks-Epstein Galleries in San Francisco. He is one of only four American painters to design for Hermes; their silk scarves can be purchased in their in-shop boutique at Neiman Marcus or sold resold for up to four times their original price on the secondary market. His collection also contains draft and final typescripts of poetry, short stories and novels as well as correspondence and documentation regarding his Civilian Public Service camp assignments at Centaur Press as well as Interplayers and Playhouse theater companies as well as foreign travel.

Net Worth

Kermit was an avid collector of watches, particularly Rolex models. He owned numerous Submariners such as 2003 FLAT 4 and 2020 “Starbucks” model with green bezel. These models can be hard to come by and therefore typically command high pre-owned prices.

Net worth refers to an individual’s total assets minus liabilities such as mortgage, car loans, credit card debt and student loans. Tracking your net worth can provide insight into your financial stability.

American painter Ben Shahn is well-known, having amassed an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. He maintains his personal life privately and remains single; nevertheless, he enjoys worldwide popularity – and remains active at age 76!

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